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22-year-old started Stabbing Spree after Smoking Marijuana laced with unknown Drug in Illinois

22-year-old started Stabbing Spree after Smoking Marijuana laced with unknown Drug in Illinois

Rockford, IL: A 22-year-old man went on a killing spree after he smoked marijuana laced with an unknown drug according to his claims. The killing spree ended with 4 deaths and 5 people suffering from serious injuries.

The county prosecutor announced Thursday that a man has been accused in relation to an assault that occurred in Rockford and resulted in the deaths of four individuals, including the suspect’s childhood buddy and an adolescent.

Jenna Newcomb, 15, Jacob Schupbach, 23, Jay Larson, 49, and Ramona Schupbach, 63, were all named by the Winnebago County coroner’s office as victims.

That rampage began at about 1:15 p.m. on Wednesday, and it injured seven other people. While enjoying a spring break movie, three females were allegedly battered with a baseball bat and several victims were stabbed, according to the police.

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On Thursday, authorities verified that 22-year-old Christian Ivan Soto faced four first-degree murder charges, seven attempted first-degree murder offenses, and three counts of home invasion. He remains in the custody of the Winnebago County Jail pending bond proceedings.

Upon presenting the case to a grand jury, Winnebago County State’s Attorney J. Hanley anticipated additional charges. Hanley added that Soto confessed to the murders and said that he went on a rampage after smoking marijuana that was laced with an unknown narcotic during an interview with detectives.

Soto began his savage 20-minute rampage by fatally stabbing his childhood friend Jacob and Ramona, Jacob’s mother, according to Hanley. Then he stabbed a mail carrier, Larson, to death and then ran Larson over with his pickup truck.

“Soto says he became paranoid after the drug usage,” added. He claimed he killed Jacob and Ramona by stabbing them to death after taking a knife from Jacob’s kitchen.

Then he broke into several houses, brutally attacked three adolescent girls with a bat, and murdered Jenna Newcomb, a 15-year-old girl. While he was being apprehended, he stabbed his last two victims, leaving them seriously injured and hospitalized.

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Police and ambulances were quickly dispatched to various locations in Rockford and the neighboring areas of Winnebago County.

While en route to each residence, emergency personnel discovered further casualties.

According to Hanley, the young woman who was attempting to flee was stabbed multiple times, leaving her with critical injuries. Eventually, Soto was apprehended by the police.

On Thursday, authorities announced that the attack had no accomplices.

His court date is scheduled for the next week. His maximum sentence for each murder, if found guilty, would be sixty years in jail.

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