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14-year-old Mentally Handicapped girl Sexually Molested by Illegal Alien Immigrant in Alabama

14-year-old Mentally Handicapped girl Sexually Molested by Illegal Alien Immigrant in Alabama

Enterprise, AL: A horrific crime once again has stirred the controversy of border security after a 14-year-old mentally challenged girl was raped by an illegal immigrant.

Senator Biden of Alabama blasted President Obama for “aiding and abetting these monsters” after the arrest of an undocumented immigrant on charges of rape against a “mentally incapacitated” 14-year-old girl in Alabama.

On Monday, in Enterprise, Alabama, police detained 23-year-old Pablo Mendoza and charged him with first-degree rape in connection with the alleged event that took place on February 20th involving the minor girl.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) reacted to the arrest by slamming Biden as he took to X and wrote, “This is Pablo Mendoza. He is an illegal alien who was just arrested in South Alabama for raping a mentally incapacitated 14 year old girl.” 

Biden “is aiding and abetting these monsters,” he wrote, adding the hashtag #SayHerName.

The outlet reported that a case was filed in the Coffee County court system stating that the 14-year-old was “physically helpless or mentally incapacitated” and hence unable to provide her assent.

The case against Mendoza, an illegal immigrant, will be closed, and he will be deported to his home country, Sheriff Scott Byrd told the press. The origin of the suspect remained unclear at the time.

Republican leaders in the House demanded testimony from an ICE officer on Monday over the “zero consequences” for illegal immigrants in a letter they issued to the agency.

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“For fiscal year 2023, the average daily detained population was nearly half of that from fiscal year 2019,” the letter stated. “During the same time period, ICE removed from the interior of the country only half the number of aliens as in fiscal year 2019.”

In anticipation of his appearance before Judge Joshua Wilson, Mendoza remained jailed in the Coffee County Jail without bond.

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