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Miami’s Joe Carollo attacks Ken Russell to deflect his conflict in redistricting

Miami’s Joe Carollo attacks Ken Russell to deflect his conflict in redistricting

Nothing about Carollo’s $2.8 million home being drawn into his district is out of the ordinary or unknown.

2022-03-14, Miami: Last week’s special meeting in Miami to give final approval to the redistricting was nothing less than a dog and pony show. The residents are still wondering about the result that would follow the meeting.

It looked like the residents who had begged to keep Coconut Grove together in the new map had won.

Commissioner Joe Carollo called a special meeting to order before the Miami City Commission could discuss redistricting on Friday. In the process, he attacked Commissioner Ken Russell with a false narrative.

“But sadly, it is one of my colleagues that has been, since the recall, since this whole campaign, involved with these individuals to see how he can harm me,” Carollo said. “I do believe that I have every right to represent my district and vote like every one of us. But I do need to ask a question. Um, Mr Russell, do you live in the city of Miami? And where do you live, if I may ask?”

“Are you interrogating me,” Russell asked. “It sounds like you’re interrogating me.”

Commissioner Joe Carollo refrained from voting on a map that intentionally carved his home into District 3, and Commissioner Manolo Reyes of Miami agreed to return the West Grove section that had been drawn into District 4.

Miami’s Joe Carollo attacks Ken Russell to deflect his conflict in redistricting

Carollo is free to return to his home if it is located in District 3, safeguarding it from any potential future damages determined by the numerous lawsuits that have been filed against him. Because abuse of power is not part of Carollo’s job description, a judge recently decided that Carollo could be named as an individual plaintiff in a federal First Amendment rights suit.

For the afternoon session, Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla assumed the position and he performed admirably.

In one of the most bizarre developments to occur at a Miami commission meeting, the realtors who sold Russell’s home hurried to City Hall to testify that Russell was still residing there and was renting it out. It’s a standard procedure, they clarified.

Carollo uses the sale of Ken Russell’s house, which he has been renting ever since, as a diversion from the reality that his house was included in his district.

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