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Students in Florida will now take Communism Lessons after DeSantis Signs Bill into Law

Students in Florida will now take Communism Lessons after DeSantis Signs Bill into Law

Tallahassee, FL: Following the signing of a measure into law, schoolchildren in Florida will be required to study the rise and fall of communism.

By signing a bill into law, Gov. Ron DeSantis mandated that, starting with the 2026–2027 school year, public schools must teach students about the history of communism in a level-appropriate manner.

The communist dangers, according to DeSantis, are easy to overlook amidst the chaos of everyday existence. Additionally, he claimed that there are educational institutions that are attempting to “rehabilitate communism” in order to “whitewash” the ideology and make it appear as though it “wasn’t true communism.”

“There’s apologists for communism in our society, and what we’re doing today builds off the stake in the ground that we planted in the state of Florida many years ago when I first became governor,” DeSantis said. “We’re gonna tell the truth about communism in the state of Florida.”

According to DeSantis, students will learn the reality of the 100 million lives lost in communist countries like Cuba, China, and the former Soviet Union, which is an incredible number.

The bill, according to DeSantis, mandated that students learn about communism’s history for at least 45 minutes in a United States government lesson. These are new concepts for this school year, as DeSantis pointed out according to the Center Square.

Students would learn about the Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong, the Stalinist dictatorship under Joseph Stalin, the Cuban dictatorship under Fidel Castro, the Russian Revolution under Vladimir Lenin, and even more contemporary communist leaders like Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro.

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