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Mother Starved Adopted Children to Death; Dismembered and Burnt Body Parts in North Carolina: Authorities

Mother Starved Adopted Children to Death; Dismembered and Burnt Body Parts in North Carolina: Authorities

A woman from North Carolina has been taken into custody and accused of the tragic deaths of two children she had adopted. Shocking revelations have emerged, shedding light on the horrifying conditions these children endured – isolated, subjected to physical abuse, and deprived of food.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Fayetteville Police Chief Kemberle Braden announced that Avantae Deven, 63, is facing several charges, including murder, in connection with the disappearance and death of Blake and London Deven.

The disturbing information disclosed by the authorities this week unveiled that the siblings, along with three other adopted children, had endured harsh conditions while under Deven’s care.

“According to Chief Braden, it has been confirmed that both Blake and London have passed away. Investigators suspect that Deven was responsible for their abuse and subsequent deaths.”

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Investigators have determined that Blake Deven was last seen in 2017, when he was just 10 years old. Investigators have determined that the cause of death was starvation and abuse, with additional evidence suggesting that his body was burned. As part of their investigation into Blake’s disappearance, authorities uncovered the unfortunate demise of London Deven, who was last seen in 2019.

Authorities in Fayetteville made a grim discovery on April 10 when they stumbled upon a metal burn barrel containing the partial skeletal remains of two children. The North Carolina Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has confirmed the identity of one set as London Deven. Another set of remains, thought to be that of a young boy aged between seven and 10, is currently undergoing testing for identification.

Avantae Deven made an appearance in court on Thursday and faced charges including first-degree murder, concealment of death, kidnapping, and felony child abuse. She is currently being held at the Cumberland County Detention Center without the possibility of bond.

In November 2023, officers were called to Deven’s home in Fayetteville in response to a mental health incident, initiating an investigation.

An investigation has uncovered that Deven is the proud parent of five adopted children, among them Blake and London. The three boys were family members, while the two girls had no familial connection to each other or the boys as reported by The Independent.

Authorities conducted interviews with the three remaining children, who provided disturbing accounts of the severe mistreatment they reportedly suffered. These accounts included instances of malnutrition, physical abuse, and confinement in a cramped and dimly lit space.

Authorities declined to provide additional information or address inquiries regarding Deven’s three other adopted children.

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