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Gang Member shot Stranger in Head and then shared images online to brag about the killing a man in Houston

Gang Member shot Stranger in Head and then shared images online to brag about the killing a man in Houston

Houston, TX: A known gang member in Houston shot a man dead after shooting him straight in the head. He then took photos of the dead victim and shared images online to brag about himself killing a person. The incident happened in 2020.

A jury found the 32-year-old man from Houston guilty and sentenced him to 40 years in jail. The man is identified as Robert. E. Chenier, a 32-year-old Houston resident.

The Hoover Crips gang member was sentenced to jail on Friday.

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After an altercation with another person on Cartersville Street on November 23, 2020, Chenier began firing shots into the residence.

The 32-year-old Shaun Lewis had nothing to do with what happened at the Cartersville property.

Since they were both natives of the region, Lewis and Chenier were already acquainted. On a rural street, Chenier observed Lewis and another man after shooting up the house.

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Chenier went over to the man accompanying Lewis and snatched a revolver from his grasp.

As soon as that guy bolted, Lewis sprang to his feet and gave Chenier anything he wanted. Chenier shot Lewis instead of robbing him.

When Lewis was wounded, he attempted to flee but eventually passed out in a neighboring field.

As Lewis pleaded for his life, Chenier approached and shot him in the head. After then, Chenier photographed Lewis’s lifeless body.

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Chenier boasted to multiple persons about his actions after the incident. He was apprehended and charged with murder when investigators from the Houston Police Department determined what had transpired.

The murder trial of Chenier was four days long.

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