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Worker Shot Pregnant Woman 7 times on Shoplifting suspicions, Premature baby born with Cardiac problems due to Bullets in the body in Tennessee as per Woman’s Lawsuit

Worker Shot Pregnant Woman 7 times on Shoplifting suspicions, Premature baby born with Cardiac problems due to Bullets in the body in Tennessee as per Woman’s Lawsuit

Davidson County, TN: A new lawsuit details the horrific events that unfolded when a pregnant lady was brutally shot seven times by a Walgreens employee. The victim was left critically injured and required an emergency C-section.

A lawsuit lodged in Davidson County, Tennessee, on March 27, states that Travonsha Ferguson’s kid was born prematurely with a cardiac abnormality on April 12, but did survive.

As stated in the lawsuit, the mother’s kid endured a week of life-or-death struggles in a newborn intensive care unit before receiving a cardiac repair device implant.

A little over a year after the incident, 25-year-old Ferguson is suing Walgreens and the staffer who she claims caused her irreparable harm.

One of Travonsha Ferguson’s lawyers, L. Chris Stewart, told McClatchy News that her client would never fully recover from the gunshot and would have to cope with long-term health difficulties every day.

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According to McClatchy News, Walgreens spokesperson Jennifer Cotto declined to comment on the case and said the employee is no longer employed by the firm on March 28.

The complaint states that on April 12, an employee of a Nashville Walgreens “aggressively” accused seven-month-pregnant Ferguson and her friend of shoplifting after following them out of the store and into the parking lot.

According to a previous story by McClatchy News, the 21-year-old employee informed authorities that he witnessed the women stealing from the store. He then proceeded to record them and, armed with a flashlight, followed them to their car.

He allegedly claimed “self-defense” after one of the women sprayed him with mace, and he then drew his gun in an act of “fear,” as reported by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

The plaintiff, Ferguson, claims in her lawsuit that she sprayed the worker with mace out of fear of “imminent bodily harm” to herself and her unborn child.

The worker allegedly moved close to the trunk of Ferguson and her friend’s car while “cursing and screaming at them” as he approached them, as stated in the complaint.

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According to a press release from Ferguson’s lawyer, seven shots struck Ferguson as he fired, with one hitting her in the stomach.

The police said that Ferguson was taken to the hospital by a friend of hers.

He “cooperated with detectives,” according to authorities, and they took the employee’s semi-automatic weapon.

According to the Tennessean, he was never charged with anything related to the incident.

Nevertheless, according to court records, Ferguson faced charges of violence and larceny involving $1,000 or less.

It appears that the criminal matter has been closed. Regarding the accusations, Stewart chose not to comment.

“We intend to hold Walgreens accountable for the egregious actions of their employee who was a team leader at that location,” Stewart stated.

The complaint states that Walgreens was careless in its recruiting, onboarding, training, and supervision practices.

“The impropriety of physically assaulting, batteringand/or shooting customers” and how to respond to suspected shoplifting were not included in the company’s training, according to the complaint.

In cases where Walgreens suspects a consumer of theft, the lawsuit states that the company has a “no chase” policy.

Walgreens declined to confirm or comment on the policy when questioned about it by McClatchy News.

According to the lawsuit, Ferguson’s abdominal and intestinal injuries sustained in the shooting necessitate the use of a colostomy bag.

At a news conference, Ferguson’s mother reportedly added, “Right now my daughter is suffering.” This information was reported by WKRN.

It was stated in the lawsuit that Ferguson’s son “is at an increased risk of long-term intellectual and developmental disabilities” due to his early birth.

The lawsuit reveals that Ferguson is seeking an undisclosed sum of damages and is asking for a 12-person jury trial.

Stewart stated that firms nationwide cannot condone “outrageous conduct” such as following a someone to the parking lot and shooting them seven times for allegedly shoplifting.

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