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Woman Who Tried To Burn MLK’s Birth Home Also Hanged and Shot Dead a Dog in Atlanta

Woman Who Tried To Burn MLK’s Birth Home Also Hanged and Shot Dead a Dog in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA: A woman has been accused of committing multiple acts of cruelty and violence towards animals and property. State prosecutors have alleged that she poured gasoline on the birth home of Martin Luther King Jr. and attempted to set it on fire.

Additionally, she was caught on video hanging her family’s dog from a tree, shooting at it, and trying to burn it before she arrived in Atlanta.

Laneisha Henderson, a 26-year-old resident of Eufaula, recently attended her preliminary hearing at Fulton County Superior Court. The charges against her are in connection to the incident that occurred on December 7 at the MLK house on Auburn Avenue.

One charge of interfering with government property has been dismissed, while a second charge of second-degree arson has been altered. Henderson has been charged with attempting to commit a serious felony of first-degree arson.

Due to the modification of Henderson’s charges, Judge Ashley Drake presided over the bond arguments presented by both the prosecution and defense.

Although no evidence was provided, the state prosecutor claimed that Henderson had gone missing from her mother’s residence in Eufaula shortly before the incident at the MLK house. Henderson was spotted on the campus of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, captured on security cameras alongside her family’s dog.

The prosecutor described a disturbing incident where the individual attempted to harm a dog by shooting at it multiple times, but unfortunately missed. They then resorted to trying to set fire to the animal. Prosecutors did not provide any details regarding the fate or condition of the dog.

The prosecutor stated that Henderson traveled to Atlanta after departing from FAMU. Her family remained unaware of her whereabouts, from the time she vanished in Eufaula until she reached Atlanta.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthplace Vandalised, Two Tourists Stepped in and Saved the House

Some of her relatives in Atlanta visited the MLK house after her arrest, as several of her family members reside there. However, no one from the family came forward to identify themselves in the courtroom.

The individuals who testified at Tuesday’s hearing were Atlanta police Officer Eric Frank and National Park Ranger David Denaj. Officer Frank was present at the scene during Henderson’s arrest, while Ranger Denaj was stationed at the MLK Jr. National Historical Park and witnessed a significant portion of the aftermath and cleanup.

According to Frank’s testimony, following Henderson’s arrest and transfer to Grady Memorial Hospital for a mental health evaluation, she managed to free herself from her handcuffs and made an attempt to flee. According to Frank, she faced resistance when trying to escape and had to be physically restrained by the two witnesses who intervened in her arson attempt.

A witness recorded the incident on video, while Frank’s interviews with witnesses at the scene were captured by his body-worn camera. Unfortunately, the security cameras at the MLK house were not functioning on the day of the incident, according to his statement.

Henderson, a U.S. Navy veteran, proudly served for four years and was recognized for his exemplary conduct with well-deserved medals. According to her attorney, she has been without a job for the past year and has been residing with her mother, who was in the process of recuperating from surgery.

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