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Woman Who Stabbed Her Date 100 Times Just Given Community Service in Ventura County

Woman Who Stabbed Her Date 100 Times Just Given Community Service in Ventura County

Oxnard, CA: A very heartbreaking judgment was delivered on Tuesday. According to the judge, the 32-year-old lady who killed a Hart High School graduate will have to do less than an hour of community service for each stab wound she caused.

Ventura County court sentenced Bryn Spejcher on Tuesday for killing William S. Hart High School senior Chad O’Melia on May 28, 2018. Speicher said the victim died of “cannabis-induced psychosis” after smoking two puffs from the victim’s bong.

Unfortunately, the judge decided that Spejcher did have a psychotic break and that she should teach others about how marijuana can cause psychosis during her incredibly light term of 100 hours of community service.

In December 2023, more than five years after O’Melia’s death, Spejcher was found guilty of manslaughter.

It was that night that O’Melia, an accountant, and Spejcher, an audiologist from the Chicago area, met. They had only known each other for a month.

Spejcher reportedly told detectives from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) that she had attacked O’Melia because she was high on marijuana and had done it both out of anger and because she thought killing him would save her from death.

According to the Ventura County Star, a sergeant stated that voices told Spejcher that she had to fight for her life to stay alive.

Spejcher had cut O’Melia 108 times with two different knives, according to the coroner’s report.

Spejcher also stabbed her service dog, and when police came after getting a call from Chad’s roommate, she turned the knife on herself. Sheriff’s officers tased Spejcher twice and hit her with a stick to make her drop the gun.

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