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Woman Suspect of Robbery and Child Endangerment Arrested in Daly City

Woman Suspect of Robbery and Child Endangerment Arrested in Daly City

San Mateo, California: Police officials arrested a 24-year-old lady on the suspicions of shoplifting at a local shopping complex.

The incident happened around 5:40 pm at Macy’s at the Hillsdale Mall. She hid cosmetics and clothing in a stroller and tried to shoplift them. When faced with the loss prevention agents at the mall, she confessed and surrendered the items.

The agents tried to stop her but she kicked one of the agents and started biting another one. Cops were called but she ran away and drove her car carrying a toddler and a teenager.

She didn’t pull over and caused a minor collision as well. This led to a pursuit by the police. When police confirmed that she was accompanied by a toddler, they called off the chase.

A little while later, the car was spotted by a Colma police officer in San Francisco and was pulled over. The lady is identified as a Daly City resident. The name of the lady is not revealed by the police.

“Both were with the suspect when she committed the theft from Macy’s and an additional store at Hillsdale Shopping Center, as well as in the vehicle during the pursuit,” police said in a statement.

The woman was booked for second-degree robbery, and child endangerment and is held at San Mateo County jail. The toddler and the teenage relative have been handed over to the relatives.

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