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Woman Shot Dead by Husband after being Held Hostage in Car with her 2 Kids in Florida

Woman Shot Dead by Husband after being Held Hostage in Car with her 2 Kids in Florida

West Palm Beach, FL: Over the weekend in Florida, a mother of two was fatally shot in a hotel parking lot, with her children by her side, according to authorities.

The Port St. Lucie Police Department reported that Ray Felix, 60, murdered his 45-year-old wife Jamie Rae in front of the Quality Inn near Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach.

It was that very day that Ray Felix would accidentally shoot himself.

As Jamie Felix and her two sons were departing from what the authorities described as a recreational establishment on Friday, March 29, in the late afternoon, the incident started, as reported by The Palm Beach Post.

Ray Felix, who was armed and wearing a mask, forcefully bundled the mother and her two children, ages 10 and 17, into a rented Nissan as they were making their way to the family’s Chevrolet SUV at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The killer then had his divorced wife email her colleagues at Manatee Academy without her will. Master Sgt. Dominick Mesiti, a spokeswoman, stated that Jamie Felix’s colleagues in the teaching profession were “concerned” by the email and went on to report it to the authorities.

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They argued over their divorce while they drove around for a bit. They went back to the spot where the family’s car had been parked later. While Ray Felix was holding his wife at gunpoint, the older brother was coerced into driving the rental car and following the SUV that had his mother and younger brother, who were being kept captive.

The tragic family spent hours in their car, eventually making it to neighboring West Palm Beach.

The two cars returned to Port St. Lucie about 7 o’clock that evening but were detained at the motel in question, according to a press conference the following day by West Palm Beach Police spokesperson Mike Jachles, as reported by WPEC, a CBS affiliate in West Palm Beach.

Both grown-ups stepped out of the SUV as it pulled into the parking lot. Little is known about what happened next, although Jamie Felix passed away shortly after.

The cherished math teacher and mother were gunned down by assailants at about 7:20 p.m. Ray Felix returned to his rental car and sped off. The two boys and their mother were discovered sitting on the ground when the officers arrived, which was shortly after 7:30 p.m. Firefighters and rescuers tried to resuscitate the woman, but she was declared dead upon arrival. According to the authorities, the lads were unharmed.

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An investigation revealed that Ray Felix had intended to return the rental vehicle to the agency. Multiple law enforcement officers located the murderer within a mile of the scene and confronted him. Subsequently, he fatally shot himself.

Around 10:30 p.m., the murderer passed away at a nearby hospital.

The domestic violence incident that took place at the family’s home on Northwest Rose Petal Court in Port St. Lucie in October 2023 led to Ray Felix’s battery charges. Ray Felix was ordered by the family court judge who presided over their divorce to have no contact with his wife or any of their children.

According to Facebook posts, he had been named the school-related employee of the year twice during his time as a dean’s clerk at Manatee Academy.

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