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Woman Knocked Unconscious in Horrific Road Rage Incident in Los Angeles

Woman Knocked Unconscious in Horrific Road Rage Incident in Los Angeles

A woman was rendered unconscious after being caught in an altercation between two men near LAX, believed to be a result of road rage.

Authorities in Los Angeles are currently on the lookout for Jasan Givens, Sr., aged 38, who is one of the individuals allegedly involved in the collision with the woman.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:25 a.m. on May 31, when the woman was checking in her bags curbside at the airport, according to the police.

The video captures a dramatic chase between two individuals that abruptly ends when they collide with a woman. Authorities stated that the individuals were engaged in a dispute stemming from a road rage incident.

“According to the police, the two individuals collided with the elderly woman, resulting in her falling to the ground and losing consciousness,” authorities reported.

The two suspects remained locked in a physical altercation while the woman lay unconscious nearby.

The victim was initially in critical condition and was transported to a hospital. However, she has now been discharged, as confirmed by the LAPD. The woman’s condition has improved and she appears to be in high spirits, according to the police.

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Authorities are now seeking assistance from the community to locate Givens. He drives a silver Chevrolet sedan with damage to the front passenger door and a California license plate 5UAL384 as reported by ABC7 News.

The LAPD announced that the second individual involved in the altercation, who was captured on video without a shirt, surrendered himself on Monday. Both individuals are being charged with felony battery.

If you have any information, please reach out to LAPD Pacific LAX Detective Scott Danielson at 424-646-8303 or 310-646-2255.

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