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Woman killed a man and buried him to have Power of Attorney in California, also Dissolved body parts in Chemicals

Woman killed a man and buried him to have Power of Attorney in California, also Dissolved body parts in Chemicals

Los Angeles, CA: A West Hills woman received a 20-year prison term for her role in a conspiracy that involved the theft of around $3.9 million and the subsequent dismemberment of her victim.

United States Attorney Martin Estrada stated that the defendant’s actions were motivated by avarice and were horrific, inflicting immense suffering on the victims and their families. “There must be serious consequences for those who prey on vulnerable communities, such as older adults, and my office will remain steadfast in bringing these offenders to justice.”

Caroline Joanne Herrling, 44, alias Carrie Phenix, was ordered by the federal judge who presided over the sentencing to repay the $3,887,051 that she took as part of the plan. Judge said victim was “a man and a human being,” but Herrling “did not see that,” treating the old guy “like a cash register.”

The United States Department of Justice stated that Herrling and her associates sought for untidy homes in affluent communities in order to prey on unsuspecting victims. Before deciding whether a property was a suitable mark, she checked online maps for signs of algae in the pool or overgrown bushes.

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Herrling and her accomplices broke into the home of a senior citizen in 2020 because he met their requirements. The victim passed away for no apparent reason in September 2020. It is believed by investigators that Herrling and the others entered the home soon after the deceased passed away.

Herrling and her associates stole from the victim’s estate as her body rotted away. Herling embezzled the man’s money and property by using a fake power-of-attorney document. She persisted in the deception, coming up with complex plans to use her victim’s connections to gain additional funds using forged documents that made the transactions seem legitimate.

After reports of the victim’s disappearance began to pour in, investigators suspect Herrling and her colleagues attempted to chemically disintegrate his remains. After their initial effort at disposing of the body parts failed, they chopped up the old man and put him in multiple bags that were vacuum-sealed.

According to police, the pieces were transported to the Bay Area and then someone disposed of the severed remnants into the ocean.

No one has ever discovered the bones.

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