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Woman Kept the Family at Knifepoint While Looking for a Man in the Apartment

Woman Kept the Family at Knifepoint While Looking for a Man in the Apartment

A woman armed with a knife broke into an apartment in Riverside County earlier this week, leaving the family fearing for their lives.

There were three persons in that apartment when the incident happened. James Luna with his wife Lauran and 1-year-old daughter were the victims of this incident.

The incident happened on Wednesday, December 6, in the 700 block of Gianni Drive in Corona, just before 6:30 p.m., according to Corona Police Department officials.

The suspect knocked on the front door of the Luna. She was described as a large-built Black female adult, probably in her 20s or 30s, with a black shirt and dark trousers. Lauren saw the knife the woman was carrying when she opened the door.

The armed woman was looking for a man named Levon. As soon as the door opened, she started asking Levon to come out. Lauren said that there was no such person in the house.

“I tried to close the door, but she forced her way in and held the knife up to me and started pushing me back,” described Lauren.

The armed lady remained in the apartment for 2 to 3 minutes. The family immediately cleared her way to save themselves and stood aside.

James Lunas quickly acted and grabbed the knife placed on a kitchen counter and took all the family members to the balcony. Using the knife and some sort of barricade, they started screaming for help.

The woman left but she came back on Thursday to the same building. But this time, she knocked on their neighbor’s house. Authorities announced on Thursday night that they had apprehended the woman, who now faces charges of brandishing a weapon other than a firearm and burglary.

No one was physically injured in the whole incident, but the amount of emotional injury cannot be estimated.

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