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Woman Found Guilty of Drug Trafficking, Sentenced 10 years in Prison

Woman Found Guilty of Drug Trafficking, Sentenced 10 years in Prison

Amy Lynn Loza, a resident of Tri-Cities, was found guilty in a startling drug case.

She is accused of orchestrating a large-scale scheme involving rainbow-colored fentanyl tablets. She was sentenced to a nine-year imprisonment in federal prison.

Along with Amy, three other citizens are sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. This is a part of a larger crackdown on drug-related crimes.

In October 2022, the FBI and the Tri-City Metro Drug Task Force launched an investigation against multiple individuals who were allegedly involved in the sale of fentanyl.

Amy Lynn Loza, 38, admitted to having 17,000 fentanyl tablets and planning to distribute them. Known colloquially as “rainbow fentanyl,” these pills were found during searches at places connected to Loza. 14,000 rainbow-colored pills and about 1.6 pounds of methamphetamine were seized.

The seized rainbow fentanyl pills have the potential to claim nearly 10,000 lives. The presiding judge, U.S. Judge Mary Dimke took the case very seriously and ordered Loza to attend a drug abuse program during her prison term.

Oscar Chavez-Garcia, Loza’s accomplice was also sentenced. They opened a landscaping company in Kennewick to cover up their misdoings. The company was Affordable Landscaping which was used as a front for the illegal trade.

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