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With a Bail Amount of $2.1M, Suspected Serial Killer is Apprehended in LA, Charged With Killing 4 Homicide

With a Bail Amount of $2.1M, Suspected Serial Killer is Apprehended in LA, Charged With Killing 4 Homicide

Los Angeles: Official charges have been brought against a suspected serial killer who is suspected of killing four people in the Los Angeles area, including three homeless men. The inhumane killing rampage lasted for four days.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney announced that Jerrid Joseph Powell, 33, of Los Angeles, was charged with four counts of murder, one count of residential robbery, and one count of possessing a firearm.

In addition, he is accused of using a firearm for personal use, murder during a robbery, and multiple murders involved in a killing spree.
Powell was taken into custody at a traffic stop. The authorities searched his vehicle and recovered a firearm.

According to a news release, Powell is suspected of shooting and killing three homeless men who were sleeping alone on a sidewalk or in an alley in three different incidents between November 26 and November 29.

He is accused of following a victim—42-year-old Nicholas Simbolon from a charging station to his residence, where he allegedly killed and robbed him. This incident happened on November 28 according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.
Authorities believe Powell may have ties to many other unsolved homicide incidents in the Los Angeles region.

The bail amount is presently set at $2.1M. It is not disclosed whether he has hired a lawyer to represent him or pleaded guilty to all the charges that are slapped onto him.

Powell had a $2.1 million bail amount set. Uncertainty surrounds whether he pled guilty to the charges or hired a lawyer to speak for him.

LA Police Chief Micheal Moore said, “I’m highly suspicious of that. I don’t see how when you look at the sequence of accounts in four days, four individuals are brutally murdered, and the manner in which they occurred. I’m highly suspicious that this did not start just Sunday morning, less than a week ago.”

A video footage is also recovered by the police in which the suspect can be seen walking away after a homicide incident. Further investigations are underway by the LAPD.

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