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Wisconsin Teachers Tried to Seduce Student by Sending Him Explicit Images and Offers; Investigation Ongoing

Wisconsin Teachers Tried to Seduce Student by Sending Him Explicit Images and Offers; Investigation Ongoing

Two high school business teachers in Wisconsin were asked to resign after district officials discovered inappropriate behavior involving a student.

The teachers had engaged in inappropriate communication, including sending explicit photos to the student’s Snapchat account.

Alexsia Saldaris, a first-year teacher, and Jennifer Larson, an 11-year veteran, resigned from their positions in April following an investigation conducted by officials at Joseph Craig High School in Janesville. The investigation revealed the existence of inappropriate messages.

Both reportedly confessed to engaging in inappropriate communication with an unidentified male student. Saldaris acknowledged sending explicit pictures, while Larson admitted to sending messages involving cuddling, flirting, and the suggestion of alcohol.

The scandal centers around a school trip that took place from April 7 to 9. During this time, the district claims that both teachers sent the student messages expressing a desire to cuddle and “have fun” with him.

Additionally, the network obtained a summary of the district’s investigation, where they inquired about the possibility of another student joining.

In the same incident, Saldaris reportedly allowed the student to drive a district van around the parking lot, handing over the keys for a brief spin, according to the station.

While changing her shoes in the back of the vehicle, she and the student exchanged a brief kiss, according to the network.

The school district and teachers did not provide a response to The Post’s request for comment.

According to reports, on April 9, Saldaris allegedly sent the child a series of photos featuring herself in underwear and lingerie. Additionally, subsequent messages disclosed their intention to meet over the weekend.

The next day, Larson reported Saldaris to the administration for allowing the student to drive the van. Later that morning, Saldaris sent a text to the student, expressing the need to terminate their relationship.

On April 11, the administrator received another report from a teacher regarding a group of boys who were gathered, finding amusement in pictures on a phone as per The Post.

The teacher expressed a high level of confidence that the photos the children were looking at were indeed of Saldaris in her undergarments.

Both teachers were placed on administrative leave on April 12, according to the station.

The school board accepted their resignations ten days later.

The Janesville Police Department is currently conducting an independent investigation to determine if the teachers involved have potentially violated any laws, which could result in criminal charges.

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