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Wisconsin Mother Files Lawsuit Against School After Kids Directed To Use Toilets and Lockers As Per Pronouns and Identities Without Having Parental Consent

Wisconsin Mother Files Lawsuit Against School After Kids Directed To Use Toilets and Lockers As Per Pronouns and Identities Without Having Parental Consent

It has come to the attention of a mother in Wisconsin that a school policy that permits pupils to use restrooms and locker rooms according to their preferred gender identification without parents having to publicly discuss the matter is being criticized.

Doe v. Bethel Local School District Board of Education is a case that is now being heard by a federal appellate court. In this case, parents have filed a legal challenge over that policy.

Given the increased national interest on this subject as well as the flurry of similar policies and the challenges to them at schools around the country, the contentious issue stands a good chance of making its way to the Supreme Court.

This week, a brief was sent to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on behalf of Tammy Fournier, the mother who is the subject of the case. Alliance Defending Freedom is a religious liberty organization that is interested in the case.

Fournier’s child was not involved in this most recent case; however, in a situation that was very similar to this one, Fournier filed a lawsuit against the school where her child attended after the school enacted a policy that allowed pupils’ names and pronouns to be changed without the approval of their parents.

A court in Wisconsin issued a ruling in favor of Fournier in the fall of last year, but similar laws continue to be enforced in schools all around the country.

Fournier is now speaking out about the Doe case, becoming one of the growing number of parents who are taking their children’s schools to court and expressing their opinions.

“​​Many other school districts have policies empowering school employees to decide whether to treat children as the opposite sex,” the brief pointed out. “These policies often don’t require parental notification or consent; in fact, they often prohibit disclosing the school district’s decisions to a minor student’s parents without the student’s permission.”

They are protecting students who are going through a tough transition, according to those who support the transgender policies.

When it comes to their children, opponents argue that parents have the right to know what is going on and the last word in matters pertaining to their children.

“Parents have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education, and healthcare of their children,” said Vincent Wagner, a lawyer with the American Defense Fund (ADF), in a separate statement.

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In his statement, Wagner stated that these occurrences are representative of a nationwide trend.

“School districts across the country are increasingly violating parents’ rights by leaving them out of key decisions about their own children,” Wagner commented on. “School districts are increasingly implementing policies that compel school workers to treat children as if they are of the opposite sex. In many instances, this occurs without the approval of the parents or even notification to the parents or guardians.

“But the Constitution protects parents’ fundamental right to make decisions about how to care for their children and the right to access information necessary to make such decisions,” according to him.

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