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Wisconsin Governor promised to keep Trans athletes out of Women’s Sports; says Women’s Sports only for Biological females

Wisconsin Governor promised to keep Trans athletes out of Women’s Sports; says Women’s Sports only for Biological females

Madison, WI: The governor of Wisconsin has pledged to veto a bill that would limit participation in Wisconsin girls’ sports to biological females.

The idea was passed by the Wisconsin Senate on last Tuesday. Any Wisconsin resident born a male would violate the law if he were to participate in any girls’ varsity or collegiate athletic program.

The foundation of organized sports is the idea of safe and fair play. Legitimate concerns regarding the inherent physical advantages that males seem to possess are raised by the campaign to open girls’/women’s sports to biological males, according to Sen. Dan Knodl (R-Germantown).

Proponents of the ban, like Knodl, argue that it would prevent male dominance in women’s sports and ensure the physical safety of females.

Allowing biological males to compete in female-dominated sports could mean missing out on opportunities for scholarship money, university admissions, and public acclaim for talented female athletes. Knodl explained that the Title IX provisions were put in place to rectify the historical inequalities and guarantee equal chances for female athletes.

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The plan’s detractors claim it would be too harsh on transgender children.

A member of the Senate from Beloit, Mark Spreitzer (D), stated throughout the debate that the idea would fail in the end.

“At what point will Governor Evers finally get the message that he will never sign a bill—or at least one that targets transgender Wisconsinites—into law in Wisconsin?” Asked Spreitzer. “It is with great disappointment that I must stand here once more to warn of the dangers posed by legislation in Wisconsin that targets LGBTQ youth.”

Swiftly, Evers promised to use his veto power.

On social media, Evers made it clear that she will not allow the Republican Party’s anti-LGBTQ legislation that target transgender children to become law while she is governor. I will honor my pledge to veto any measure that will make Wisconsin a less safe, less inclusive, and less inviting place for LGBTQ individuals and children. This bill is no exception. Also, I will be quite pleased to accomplish that.

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