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Wisconsin Drug Ring Leader Faces 41 Charges in Eau Claire

Wisconsin Drug Ring Leader Faces 41 Charges in Eau Claire

In Eau Claire, Wisconsin, authorities have taken action against a complex drug trafficking scheme, charging Hector Jimenez-Sosa and five others with 41 counts.

According to court documents, the man accused of leading a major drug operation is now facing a 41-count indictment.

Hector Jimenez-Sosa, 41, is among six defendants involved in the case. The documents submitted before his upcoming preliminary hearing on Tuesday outline multiple drug purchases and the interception of two drug shipments. The indictment lists charges for distributing fentanyl, THC, and methamphetamine, as well as two counts of operating a drug trafficking location, making threats, and stalking.

As per the criminal complaint, Jimenez-Sosa, Terrance Krall, Elena Sosa Ochoa, Olaguer Renteria, Pedro Delaroso-Munoz, and Mario Aviles were involved in a significant drug trafficking operation that depended on drug shipments from California.

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The complaint details 10 distinct transactions involving fentanyl, marijuana, and methamphetamine. Those purchases involved video or audio recordings, but the most significant development might have come from last October.

A former partner of Jimenez-Sosa reached out to the authorities, informing them about a drug shipment at her residence. The woman mentioned that Jimenez-Sosa inquired about receiving the shipment, which she believed to be clothing, at her residence. Upon realizing the nature of the substances, she adamantly declined to give them back to him. That, the woman said, led to Jimenez-Sosa threatening her and her children.

During this period, an informant captured audio of Jimenez-Sosa talking about the incident, mentioning that it cost him $5,000. He brought up the woman’s threats to hand over the drugs to the authorities, but doubted she would actually do it.

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On October 23, 2023, the woman reached out to the authorities expressing concern that her children might come across the drugs and requested their removal from her residence. Accompanied by an officer, she handed over a large iced tea tin filled with drugs at the residence.

In early December, police received a crucial lead when a postal inspector alerted authorities about a suspicious package headed for Jimenez-Sosa’s home. Upon detecting a suspicious scent, the K9 signaled to the officers who then obtained a warrant to inspect the package.

The package was meticulously sealed, with each seam wrapped in numerous layers of tape. Upon cutting through the tape, the box’s interior was found to be filled with spray foam. A significant quantity of cocaine was hidden inside the foam of a bag.

Another interception occurred the following day. When the package was found to contain marijuana.

Every charge against Jimenez-Sosa is classified as a felony, with a repeat offender enhancement for each. In total, the indictment lists five Class C felonies, nine Class E felonies, one Class F felony, 12 Class H felonies, and four Class I felonies. The total possible prison term adds up to over 400 years.

The other defendants face fewer charges. Krall faces allegations of producing or distributing amphetamines and evading bail. Aviles charged with multiple drug offenses

Renteria faces charges for delivering THC, while Delarosa-Munoz faces charges for delivering fentanyl.

Elena Sosa Ochoa, identified as Jimenez-Sosa’s mother, is charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine and making threats to injure or falsely accuse someone.

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