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Wife Stabbed to Death by Husband in Wisconsin; Body Found with More than 50 Stab Wounds; Alleged Perpetrator Arrested

Wife Stabbed to Death by Husband in Wisconsin; Body Found with More than 50 Stab Wounds; Alleged Perpetrator Arrested

Authorities in Wisconsin are reporting a disturbing incident where a 36-year-old man is accused of brutally attacking his wife. According to police, the man allegedly stabbed his wife 50 times and even bit her face. Shockingly, he then attempted to deceive law enforcement by claiming that she had died by suicide.

According to a criminal complaint filed in La Crosse County Circuit Court and obtained by multiple local media outlets, authorities were called to a residence in the town of Shelby regarding a deceased individual.

Upon the arrival of law enforcement, Zachary Fritz was discovered at the front door, visibly injured and in a state of distress, urgently exclaiming that someone was located upstairs, according to the complaint. In the main bedroom upstairs, they discovered Fritz’s wife’s lifeless body, clutching a knife in her left hand. The room was surrounded by a chilling pool of blood.

According to reports, Fritz informed the authorities that he had fallen asleep and discovered her body when he woke up to use the bathroom. He reportedly asserted that his wife’s stab wounds were self-inflicted.

According to reports, authorities noted signs of a struggle in the bedroom. Adding to the damning evidence against him, medical examiners have reportedly found that she sustained a shocking number of stab wounds, with a total of 50 wounds found on various parts of her body, including her back and hamstring.

Additionally, it is reported that she sustained three facial bites and injuries from blunt force. The cause of death has been determined to be a homicide, resulting from multiple sharp and blunt force injuries, according to a medical examiner as reported by Law&Crime.

Authorities report that the couple’s 4-year-old child was inside the residence, peacefully sleeping during the tragic incident. Upon hearing the tragic news of his daughter-in-law’s passing, Fritz’s father allegedly made a statement suggesting that he held someone responsible for her death.

Fritz was taken into custody and brought to the La Crosse County Jail on a serious charge of first-degree criminal homicide, according to records.

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According to local ABC affiliate WXOW, prosecutors requested a $1 million cash bond during his arraignment.

“In this particular case, the defendant was discovered inside the residence, with his wife’s blood on him, and claimed that she had taken her own life,” explained Assistant District Attorney Andrew Burdick. “The injuries, including stab wounds, bite marks on her face, and blunt force trauma, were not in line with a self-inflicted injury.”

During the arraignment, prosecutors disclosed that Fritz had previously been acquitted on the grounds of mental disease for a domestic abuse incident in 2009. The judge has determined that the bond will be set at $1 million. The next court date for Fritz has been set for June 19.

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