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Wife and Son shot Dead Straight after Heated altercation in Florida by Former Marine

Wife and Son shot Dead Straight after Heated altercation in Florida by Former Marine

DeLand, FL: Following a violent argument over electricity, a Florida man was convicted guilty of the murders of his ex-wife and her kid. He faces a life sentence in jail. Michael Williams, a real estate agent and former marine, fatally shot Marsha Ebanks-Williams and her son Robert Adams on September 18, 2022, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

The decision was handed down by the jury on Friday, although the sentencing date has not been determined yet. Reportedly, the 48-year-old Williams and the victims were staying at a residence in DeLand when the tragic occurrence took place. Even Adams’s own son and daughter saw the murders. At the time of their father’s and grandmother’s deaths, the children were five and six years old.

Sharing a house after a divorce, Williams and Ebanks-Williams, both 48, were living together. According to the conditions of their divorce, Ebanks-Williams was required to sell the house before 2022 and split the proceeds with Williams. Another possibility was for her to purchase her ex-husband out of the house. When Williams, 28, and Adams, 28, and his mother were houseguests, Williams slept on the couch.

Williams asserted that the two victims were unjust to him since they kept the lights on all the time and interrupted his sleep. According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the 48-year-old admitted to taking the stand and stated that he closed the breaker box and switched off the electricity after the two youngsters and the murdered victims had gone to church on the day of the shooting. Additionally, he mentioned that he secured the house.

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Additionally, the condemned guy stated his intention to discuss home-related matters with Ebanks-Williams. He said that he and his ex-wife had agreed to split the household expenses evenly, but that she had refused to pay an electrical payment even after he had requested her to.

Williams added that after his trip to Orlando, he got a call from the security firm informing him that there was an incident at the house. He returned to the residence, he added, after failing to obtain further information regarding the situation.

Williams claimed that upon returning to the residence, he and his ex-wife and her kid got into a fight, and he then shot them. Williams asserted that the victims who had already died attacked him while he was armed, and he added that Adams had attempted to seize his weapon at one point.

Williams claimed he was afraid for his life and had to shoot them. However, according to the prosecutor, Williams’ anger was the driving force behind the shooting.

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