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Whippets Banned in Michigan after Gov. Whitmer signs Bill to outlaw the party drug

Whippets Banned in Michigan after Gov. Whitmer signs Bill to outlaw the party drug

Lansing, MI: The drug treatment options accessible to Michiganders have been widened and the sale of “Whip-its” (nitrous oxide canisters sold at petrol stations and grocery shops) has been outlawed, according to legislation signed into law by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

For families going through tough times, we need to be there for them and make sure they have access to the support they need to recover, Whitmer stated. “Programs that address substance use disorder, safeguard children, and increase access to mental health resources are being established through these sensible, bipartisan measures, which also establish a family treatment court.”

The circuit courts are granted the authority to establish or accept family therapy courts and a framework for such programs by House Bill 4522, which is sponsored by Representative Kelly Breen (D-Novi).

People involved with the justice system who do not require isolation can find a great example in problem-solving courts. Breen, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, made a statement stating that the present legal framework for family treatment courts, which is housed under the drug court statute, does not include some crucial elements that are necessary for the model to be effective.

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Rep. Joey Andrews (D-St. Joseph) is spearheading HB 4524, which would provide judges the discretion to consider mitigating factors and grant continued treatment eligibility to guilty individuals who are currently enrolled in drug treatment programs.

As things stand, drug court participants are required to have their participation revoked in the event that they are found guilty of a felony charge that occurred after they were admitted to the program.

Better outcomes will surely result from letting courts and prosecutors take a comprehensive view of the individual’s circumstances, according to Andrews’ statement.

Workers in Michigan who are exposed to asbestos on the job will be better protected thanks to the signing of HB 4185 and HB 4190 by Whitmer.

Rep. Denise Mentzer (D-Mt. Clemens), who is sponsoring the bill, made a statement saying, “There is no safe level of exposure to asbestos, and as a carcinogen, it causes significant long-term health problems and can lead to fatal diseases.”

The elimination of the need for counties to employ a designated assessor was another goal of Whitmer’s HB 4979 and 4857. With this, the board of commissioners can facilitate an interlocal agreement between the counties.

Several counties in the Upper Peninsula, along with counties across the rest of the state, struggle to fill the post of assessor, according to a statement from Rep. Jenn Hill (D-Marquette). Rather than imposing a uniform system, this new law gives counties the option to have an appointed assessor if they are experiencing difficulties with the current system. By doing this, we are saving money for the taxpayers and making life much easier for local governments.

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The designation of milkweed as an alien weed will be removed by HB 4857.

Under Senate Bills 57 and 58, it will be illegal for sellers to knowingly sell products used for recreational nitrous oxide inhalation.

Missouri Senator Joseph Bellino (R) was the bill’s sponsor.

The only reason people are utilizing charging canisters, according to Bellino, is to get high. “The new regulations aim to tackle the issue by penalizing individuals who sell these canisters without also selling legitimate products, such as whipping cream or dispensers, thus preventing children from easily obtaining and abusing this gas.”

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