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What Will Happen If Trump is Elected as US President? Poll Reveals What People Think

What Will Happen If Trump is Elected as US President? Poll Reveals What People Think

In light of the recent election, over half of the participants expressed concern that former President Trump will behave like an authoritarian leader in the event of re-election.

As per the Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, almost 40% of respondents strongly agree that Trump, who is the front-runner for the Republican nomination, will act like a dictator if he is granted a second term, with 56% of respondents holding this view.

“I want to close the border, and I want to drill, drill, drill,” Trump said justifying his dictatorship rhetoric.

The study finds that 59% of voters believe Democrats are unduly scaring people about Trump’s ambition to establish dictatorship.

The outcomes followed Trump’s declaration and repetition that, should he get re-elected, he will rule like a dictator—but only on “day one” of his second term.

Republicans strongly disagree with the study’s findings that over half of respondents believe Trump poses a threat to democracy if re-elected, while Democrats hold this view in the majority. On this issue, independents were equally divided.

“Trump is no longer hiding the ball. He’s clearly stating his intentions. He’s not hiding anything,” Biden said at a fundraising event.

What Will Happen If Trump is Elected as US President? Poll Reveals What People Think

Pollsters predict that in a hypothetical head-to-head, Trump would lead President Biden by 5 points, 47 percent to 42 percent, with 12 percent undecided. Voting compels undecided people to cast ballots, reducing Trump’s lead to 4 percentage points, or 52 percent to 48 percent.

During a town hall with Fox News host Sean Hannity earlier this month, Trump made the comments about being a dictator in response to Hannity challenging him about rumors that he plans to employ more authoritarian tactics if re-elected president the next year.

2,034 registered voters participated in the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, which was conducted on December 13 and 14. The Harris Poll and the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University are working together on this.

An online sample drawn from the Harris Panel and weighted to represent known demographics serves as the basis for the survey. As a representative internet sample, it doesn’t offer a probability confidence interval.

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