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West Virginia’s Favourite: 8 Spots for Natural Beauty in the Mountain State

West Virginia’s Favourite: 8 Spots for Natural Beauty in the Mountain State

Colorful row homes, panoramas of the Smoky Mountains, powdery white beaches on the Gulf coast, and Georgia’s moss-draped oaks may pop into your head when you think about picturesque southern locations. It is only fair that all of West Virginia be pictured in people’s minds. Stunningly gorgeous mountains, rivers, cities, and architecture abound in this underappreciated portion of the region. Listed here are some of our most beloved spots.

Kanawha State Forest 

Regardless of the season, Kanawha State Forest looks stunning, like a model who never takes a bad photo. The woodland comes alive in the fall with a kaleidoscope of color, drawing in a multitude of birds and wildflowers. Less than an hour outside of Charleston lies a verdant wonderland that offers more than just a forest—camping, biking, hiking, horseback riding, and even a shooting range.

Harpers Ferry

Although Harpers Ferry is most known for its historical significance (as a pivotal site in the Civil War and a favorite spot of Thomas Jefferson), visitors typically find themselves captivated by its scenic beauty upon leaving.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Jefferson himself proclaimed these river views to be “perhaps one of the most stupendous scenes in nature.” have though the town was mostly devastated in the war, many buildings have survived and have been rebuilt, which gives the region a wonderful vibe.

The village is located in a national park, so visitors can enjoy hiking to the same breathtaking viewpoint that captivated Jefferson.

Albert Falls 

There are many more waterfalls in West Virginia, and this one isn’t even close to being the biggest or most spectacular. On the other hand, Albert Falls, located in Thomas on the Blackwater River, is considered by some to be the most picturesque. Seas can take on a turquoise hue as the seasons change. You can get it easily; getting there is as easy as taking a short hike from the road.

State Capitol Building

The magnificent state capitol building of West Virginia, adorned with a gold leaf dome, can be seen in Charleston, the capital city of the state. Among the building’s interior features are nine distinct types of marble utilized for floors, walls, and other design aspects, as well as a rotunda chandelier that is eight feet wide and weighs four thousand pounds and is adorned with crystals. You have the option to peek inside or schedule a tour.

The Greenbrier

Everything about this world-famous resort is wonderful, from the extravagant holiday decorations to the chicken salad and the bright, colorful patterns and hues used across the property. This place is a must-visit for all architecture and design enthusiasts.

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Herns Mill Covered Bridge

There are nineteen covered bridges spread out over West Virginia, so it’s a great place for covered bridge enthusiasts. You can still drive through the lovely Herns Mill Covered Bridge in Lewisburg today, due to some recent improvements. The bridge dates back to 1884.

New River Gorge National Park and Preserve

West Virginia's Favourite 8 Spots for Natural Beauty in the Mountain State
Image: Attractions of America

This national park, which stretches along the New River for over 70 thousand acres, is the jewel in West Virginia’s crown. Adventurers will find a world of rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing here. Hikers can enjoy breathtaking panoramas of forests, mountains, rivers, and more along any of the paths in this area.

Cooper’s Rock

Some of the state’s finest views can be found from this well-liked stone overlook. You may find it in Cooper’s Rock State woodland, not far from Morgantown. From there, you can see Cheat Overlook Canyon below and the expansive woodland below.

Summersville Lake

Although Summersville State Park was formally designated in 2023, visitors have been flocking to the region for decades, drawn in particular by the beauty of its eponymous lake. With an area of 2,700 acres, it is the biggest lake in West Virginia and is home to the state’s cleanest water. In addition to kayaking and boating, this is also a great place to go scuba diving and snorkeling.

The Final Say

West Virginia has plenty of areas that are beautiful in every season, thus it could be the greatest Virginia. There are many reasons to visit this state. West Virginia is home to a plethora of unforgettable attractions, from the state capital of Charleston to famous landmarks across the state.

Reference: The Southern Living

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