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Weekend Weather Forecast: Rain & Thunderstorm Prediction in Southern California

Weekend Weather Forecast: Rain & Thunderstorm Prediction in Southern California

Los Angeles, CA: A heavy storm system is heading towards Southern California. The NWS has forecasted the impacts of this storm system in the SoCal region.

When the storms hit the area, it will likely rain for several days. The hardest rain will likely fall on Sunday and Monday.

According to the National Weather Service, light rain will start falling Friday night and keep falling all weekend. But the light rain is only going to happen sometimes.

Storm chasers said, “The system takes a little breather Saturday and Saturday night.” “There will still be a lot of water…” “But there will also be some long periods of dry weather.”

It will rain less than a quarter of an inch per hour, and the NWS says that the overall amount of rain from Saturday morning to late Saturday night will be mostly between.20 and.30 inches.

Scientists said that the best-organized, fastest-moving, and wettest storm would hit the area on Sunday night and last until Monday afternoon.

From Sunday night into Monday, the National Weather Service predicts rain totals of 1 to 2 inches, with 2 to 4 inches expected in upslope regions.

Numerous computer models indicate rainfall amounts ranging from 1 to 3 inches, so there is still a possibility that this storm could exceed expectations, according to forecasters.

The weather service has warned that much of the region might experience flooding at the advisory level as a result of the system. Monday could see thunderstorms, according to the prediction, with a possibility of 5% to 15%.

The NWS predicts that “the probability of precipitation will decrease on Monday evening, with the highest probability of precipitation over Los Angeles County.”

Snow levels will exceed 7,000 feet, and high temperatures in the Los Angeles area will fluctuate by no more than a few degrees above 60 degrees, according to forecasters.

Predictors stated, “Snow levels have risen even further, so we do not anticipate many snow-related impacts.”

Monday is likely to have the best chance of rain in Orange County. There is a nearly 80% chance of an inch or more of rain in some parts of the mountains and a more than 50% chance in the rest of the county.

Predictions say that all the rain will leave Los Angeles and Orange counties by Tuesday. Afterward, high-pressure sets in for the rest of the week, bringing dry conditions and a warming trend. According to the NWS, next Thursday will have temperatures above average.

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