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Wanted Man for Terroristic Threats Arrested After 2nd Police Chase; Injured Several While on the Run

Wanted Man for Terroristic Threats Arrested After 2nd Police Chase; Injured Several While on the Run

The authorities arrested a man after he was chased twice by the police. The second chase led to the arrest after he jumped his car into a pool in Forest Hills.

Jeremy Neal brandished a silver handgun at the Allegheny County sheriff’s officers on Wednesday. This incident happened after 10 pm. The police then chased him as it was found that he was a wanted criminal.

Previous charges against him were very serious. The Braddock police department labeled him wanted as he was charged with several firearms violations and terroristic threats.

After his car sank in a Forest Hill swimming pool during a second police pursuit, the 31-year-old man was taken into custody on Thursday, according to the authorities. According to the sheriff’s department, the pursuit started in the city, proceeded onto the Parkway East, and ended at the pool near the Ardmore Boulevard exit.

When deputies tried to remove Neal from the car, he refused to get out, according to the complaint. According to the criminal complaint, Neal dropped his firearm in the backseat and then attempted to get it back when one of the deputies put his service revolver to his head.

Authorities stated that after Neal resisted attempts to get him out of the car, he drove off and struck a building and a construction trailer. The criminal complaint states that he nearly struck two construction workers on East Carson Street between 9th and 7th streets.

Neal was the target of another police pursuit in Pittsburgh on Thursday. After the car sank into the swimming pool, the pursuit came to a stop on the Parkway East. According to Sheriff’s Spokesman Mike Manko, further information regarding the pursuit was not available on Thursday.

Neal was taken into custody. He faces nine charges of aggravated assault against deputies and construction workers, in addition to charges for unlawful gun possession, evading capture, resisting arrest, and putting another person in danger.

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