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Wanted Man Dies in Los Angeles Crash Involving Stolen Lamborghini; Flew in Air after Crash Splits Car in Two Parts

Wanted Man Dies in Los Angeles Crash Involving Stolen Lamborghini; Flew in Air after Crash Splits Car in Two Parts

Los Angeles, CA: A man wanted for many felonies died after a police pursuit in Los Angeles ended in a horrific crash involving a stolen Lamborghini Huracán traveling at over 100 mph. The impact was so powerful that it severed the car in half and sent the driver flying hundreds of feet into the air.

Officers pulled down 51-year-old Elliott Dugan at the Sherman Way and Reseda Boulevard crossroads on April 6th after seeing him doze off in the $250,000 supercar, according to dashcam footage from the Los Angeles Police Department.

The officer who pulled him over then asked to see his identification; upon reviewing these, he learned that Dugan was wanted on many warrants and that the vehicle had been reported stolen. The officer then ordered Dugan to get out of the vehicle.

After learning that the 2019 Lamborghini Huracán had been stolen, Dugan books the vehicle, asserting that he knows the law better than the officer.

Dugan escaped from police on surface streets at a speed of 113 mph, according to surveillance footage of the pursuit.

Unfortunately, the pursuit didn’t last long as the Lamborghini slammed into a Sherman Way median with enough force to break the vehicle in half and launch Dugan’s body hundreds of feet into the air, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

As the police closed in on Dugan, they found the charred shell of the Lamborghini and twisted metal pieces scattered over the road.

Several parked cars along Sherman Way have moderate to significant damage to their windows and roofs from pieces of the wrecked Lamborghini.

The tremendous force of the collision also toppled and scattered a number of trees that had been planted along the median.

The discovery of Dugan’s lifeless body on a sidewalk close to an apartment building took the police a few minutes.

The authorities at the spot declared him dead. The Los Angeles Police Department has stated that they are still investigating the crash and Dugan.

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