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Victims Identified by the Authorities Who Were Shot Dead and Left in a Burning House

Victims Identified by the Authorities Who Were Shot Dead and Left in a Burning House

Authorities in Jefferson County, Indiana, have not disclosed the circumstances surrounding the deaths of a woman and three children. They were discovered dead in a house fire. The victims also suffered gunshot wounds.

The victims are Naomi Briner, 35; Adelia Briner, 12; Leland Briner, 8; and Iyla Briner, 6.

Firefighters responded to the reported site on Tuesday afternoon near the Ohio River and Indiana-Kentucky border. Firefighters called in the Indiana State Police (ISP) and state fire marshals when they discovered the situation.

The investigation is ongoing, according to the authorities, and there is no threat to the public.

The circumstances surrounding the deaths are not revealed to the public by the authorities. The officials did not share the autopsy details either.

The neighbors are horrified by this incident. According to the neighbors, they first heard the gunshots, and when they rushed outside, they saw a house burning.

The authorities clarified that there is no public threat, and the police officials are looking into the matter.

It is speculated that the woman was the mother of those three kids. Sgt. Stephen Wheeles of the Indiana State Police said the investigation is ongoing and the case is tricky. He said that the police would look into the matter, considering every possibility.

The ISP spokesperson said, “We have to kind of put those feelings aside and, you know, focus on our task right now to investigate this thoroughly, make sure we go down every avenue we can to determine exactly what happened, and hopefully, at some point, be able to provide some closure to that family.”

The authorities have urged the witness to come forward and help the authorities bring justice to the family.

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