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Ventura County Man Arrested After Shooting Leaves Neighbor Paralyzed

Ventura County Man Arrested After Shooting Leaves Neighbor Paralyzed

A man from Santa Paula went to jail because he almost killed his neighbor during a fight.

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office said that Richard Steven Valencia, 45, was given a 25-year to life sentence on Thursday for trying to kill someone.

Valencia got into a verbal fight with his neighbor outside of their Santa Paula apartment building on October 9, 2020.

It’s still not clear what exactly started the fight. Later that same day, Valencia saw the neighbor walking around and talked to him again.

Police say Valencia pulled a gun out of his pocket during the argument and pointed it at the neighbor’s face.

Valencia fired two shots at the neighbor, hitting him in the face and neck as the fight went on. After that, he ran away before the cops could get there.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital for care. He lived through the shooting, but his neck was paralyzed.

The next day, on Oct. 11, 2020, Valencia was caught by cops in Santa Paula. Investigators say that the killing was also caught on surveillance video.

Valencia pleaded guilty to four felonies on March 26. These included attempted murder, assault with a firearm, and having a gun and ammunition while being a criminal.

He also admitted to a number of other charges, such as firing a gun on purpose and causing serious physical harm, as well as two strike priors. The DA’s office also said Valencia is a known member of a gang.

The Deputy District Attorney who was in charge of the case, Sean Alexander, said, “The crime was senseless and had a tragic outcome.” “Thank goodness he won’t be able to hurt people in our community anymore.”

At his hearing, the judge could give him anywhere from 25 years to life in jail.

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