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Utah Cop Dead after He Pulled Over a Car in which Indiana Man kept Woman Hostage: Authorities say

Utah Cop Dead after He Pulled Over a Car in which Indiana Man kept Woman Hostage: Authorities say

A man from Indiana has been charged with the death of a Utah police officer who pulled him over during a traffic stop, according to Utah County District Attorney Jeff Gray.

Michael Aaron Jayne, 42, has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated murder in relation to the tragic death of Santaquin Police Sgt. Bill Hooser on May 5.

During a press conference, Lieutenant Cory Slaymaker of the Spanish Fork Police discussed how authorities swiftly responded to a report of an individual riding on the back of a semi-trailer on a highway in Utah.

As per a probable cause statement, following the truck being pulled over by Hooser and a state highway trooper, a woman managed to “escape” from the vehicle and approached the officers. The woman, whose identity remains unknown, expressed her fear to Hooser, expressing concerns about Jayne potentially causing harm.

During questioning, the woman explained that she willingly entered Jayne’s vehicle at first. However, she decided not to continue with him after they had an argument at a truck stop, as stated in the probable cause. According to the document, Jayne proceeded to intimidate her by brandishing bear spray and a knife.

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According to the probable cause document, Hooser signaled to the state trooper his intention to detain Jayne. Jayne quickly escaped and swiftly turned around, narrowly avoiding a collision with Hooser and his vehicle.

Slaymaker reported that Hooser was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jayne escaped on foot and reportedly took two additional vehicles before seeking refuge in an unoccupied residence near Mt. Pleasant, as stated in the document. Authorities successfully located and captured him.

Gray’s announcement states that Jayne could potentially face the death penalty if found guilty of the severe charge of aggravated murder. The presence or absence of legal representation for the suspect remains uncertain.

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