USC Bookstore Faces New Struggle, Students Demand Reforms

USC Bookstore Faces New Struggle, Students Demand Reforms

A list of complaints and demands was made by students employed by the USC Bookstore against the management of the store.

The list includes the demands of students for the library community. A safe environment, both for workers and students, is at the top of the list. Students also demand transparency in the workplace and timely wages for the workers.

Butch Paredes, senior manager of USC Bookstore, faces accusations of making inappropriate comments in the workplace.

According to the list, supervisors would frequently publicly berate employees, and students would often work in untidy environments without access to cold water during hot days.
As per the list of complaints, students may be suspended for weeks at a time for minor infractions (such as failing to greet customers) or with little to no justification.

Some students have expressed a desire to form a union, but they claim that the USC Bookstore’s low employee retention rate hinders communication and makes it more challenging to build relationships with other student employees, making the process challenging.

A student employee of the USC Bookstore filed a lawsuit against USC and Paredes in 2020, alleging racial discrimination and harassment. Negotiations are underway between the parties to reach a dismissal agreement.

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