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UNLV Campus Shooting: 2 Professors Identified Who Were Shot Dead

UNLV Campus Shooting: 2 Professors Identified Who Were Shot Dead

Las Vegas: Campus shootings at UNLV that claimed the lives of 3 people and left one fighting for life was a nerve-wracking incident that occurred on Wednesday.

All the four victims have been identified. The victims include 2 faculty members who died on the spot. The Clark County Coroner’s Office identified the victims as Professor Cha Jan “Jerry” Chang and Assistant Professor Patricia Navarro Velez.

Professor Chang, 64 was from Henderson, Nevada. The second victim, Patricia Velez, 39 was from Las Vegas.

The cause of death of both victims was gunshots. Pro. Chang died due to a direct gunshot to the head, while Velez died of multiple gunshot wounds.

The third victim is also identified but the authorities have not revealed the information as they are locating the first kin of the victim. The details will be released after the relative is informed.

The fourth victim is still fighting for his life and is said to be a visiting professor at UNLV.

Prof. Chang has been a professor at the Lee Business School since 2001. He had published several papers and was a certified information systems auditor. Velez was a researcher in cybersecurity and information systems.

The gunman is identified as Tony Polito. According to the police, he had a list of the people he wanted to kill when he opened the gunfire.

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