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Unlicensed Healthcare Facility Busted in Texas after Owner was Arrested for Abuse; Police Say 20 Deaths under Scrutiny

Unlicensed Healthcare Facility Busted in Texas after Owner was Arrested for Abuse; Police Say 20 Deaths under Scrutiny

Authorities in Texas are currently conducting an investigation into the deaths of 20 individuals at unlicensed healthcare facilities over the past two years. The circumstances surrounding these deaths have raised suspicions of foul play, prompting the police to explore the possibility of murder.

Arlington Police Department spokesman Tim Ciesco announced that Regla “Su” Becquer, the owner of an illicit healthcare company, has been charged with murder in the death of Steven Kelly Pankratz, a 60-year-old individual.

Arlington police are currently investigating 19 additional deaths of clients who passed away while at one of Becquer’s five unlicensed facilities. This development was announced during a press conference held by the police on Wednesday.

Investigators have officially charged Becquer with murder in connection to the death of Pankratz on January 12th. The cause of death, as determined by the autopsy, was “mixed drug toxicity,” according to Ciesco. According to detectives, the drugs in question were antidepressants and sedatives, as they informed reporters.

“We were deeply concerned about what we saw in these homes, what we found, and what we had heard up to that point,” said Lt. Kimberly Harris, commander of the behavioral health unit. “Today, I’m here to tell you that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

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Investigators observed that Pankratz’s family expressed concerns about his declining health after he arrived at Becquer’s facility. Becquer is the owner of Love and Caring for People Inc. The facilities were spread out across the Dallas area as per Law&Crime.

“We have allegations of abuse, theft and fraud by Ms. Becquer and her company,” said Kelly Land, Arlington Police crisis intervention specialist. “The stories we’ve heard from the clients and their families are disturbing and heartbreaking and unimaginable, and we are committed to delivering justice to the families and the victims.”

During the press conference, law enforcement officials mentioned that they had requested the coroner to conduct a reexamination of Karen Walker’s autopsy, which took place in October 2022. Only 19 days prior to her passing, Walker reportedly drafted a will in which she bequeathed her estate, valued at over $330,000, to Becquer. This estate includes a house worth $223,000 and $75,000 held in bank accounts.

Authorities initially apprehended Becquer in February on charges of abandonment and endangerment, following allegations of her mistreatment of a woman with cerebral palsy who relies on a wheelchair.

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