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Uber Driver Kidnapped and Molested Drunk Passenger; Victim’s Father and Family Beat Perpetrator Brutally in Washington

Uber Driver Kidnapped and Molested Drunk Passenger; Victim’s Father and Family Beat Perpetrator Brutally in Washington

An Uber driver in Washington state is accused of committing a horrifying assault on an intoxicated passenger. Fortunately, the victim’s family, armed with guns, intervened and rescued her from the attacker.

Ahmed Ali, 58, made an appearance in court on Monday, sporting visible bruises and bandages. He is facing serious charges, including rape in the second degree and kidnapping in the first degree with sexual motivation aggravating circumstances.

An intoxicated woman was assisted by Ali after a night of drinking with friends in the Olympia area, as reported by the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

According to investigators, a concerned friend arranged for a ride for the victim after she became too intoxicated to go home alone. The friend witnessed the victim entering Ali’s Uber at 12:17 a.m. before going to another bar.

However, instead of taking her home as expected, Ali reportedly exploited the vulnerable passenger.

According to reports, the driver allegedly utilized the Uber app to create the appearance that he had successfully completed the passenger’s journey.

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The accused individual took her to a remote fishing location near the Nisqually River, which is well-known and located outside of Fort Lewis Army base, approximately an hour away from Seattle.

Nevertheless, the victim’s friends became increasingly concerned when they arrived at her house 30 minutes after she had been picked up and discovered she was not present.

Upon receiving the distressing news, the victim’s father swiftly mobilized a group of worried family members after being informed by friends. Utilizing the Life 360 app, he quickly determined his daughter’s location and promptly made his way towards her.

A woman was discovered unclothed in the rear of an Uber vehicle, where she was subjected to a sexual assault.

Ali hastily attempted to adjust his pants and hurriedly entered the front of the car in an attempt to escape, but the father, accompanied by other relatives, proceeded to physically assault him without mercy.

During the incident, the angry father allegedly brandished a firearm and discharged two rounds at Ali, both of which failed to hit their target.

During their investigation, officials discovered two shell casings in the area as per The Post.

A Thurston County Sheriff’s deputy subsequently stopped the Uber driver’s vehicle and discovered him in a severely injured state, with significant bleeding from his head and hands.

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Despite Ali’s insistence that he didn’t require medical assistance, paramedics still transported him to the hospital. Meanwhile, the victim’s family provided the complete account to the other deputies.

Deputies revealed that the victim was in a highly intoxicated state and had no recollection of the events following her encounter with Ali.

Following the court proceedings, Judge John Skinder of Thurston County Superior Court set a bail amount of $100K for Ali. Additionally, the judge ordered that if the suspect is able to post bail, he must wear a GPS monitor.

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