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Two Men Abducted a Woman; Shot Her Dead and Threw Dead and Naked Body at a Dead End Steet in Georgia, Perpetrators Indicted

Two Men Abducted a Woman; Shot Her Dead and Threw Dead and Naked Body at a Dead End Steet in Georgia, Perpetrators Indicted

In January, a woman was abducted from the Third Avenue West Shell station in Birmingham and later discovered naked and slain on a dead-end street. Two men have been indicted in this case by a Jefferson County grand jury.

Both 21-year-old Jayden Gildersleeve and 62-year-old Michael Spellman were indicted for capital murder by the grand jury. The charges were announced on Friday after being issued on May 17.

Tragic facts were revealed during a court hearing in March, the first since Genise Carter’s body was discovered on January 25 in the 1300 block of 17th Street North, and the case was subsequently sent to the grand jury.

The 43-year-old Carter was assaulted and shot in the head. The horrible events leading up to Carter’s death were described by Det. John Finke, the sole witness at the March hearing.

No one was able to explain why Carter was killed. One of the accused was someone Carter knew, at the very least.

According to Finke, on Thursday morning, an employee of Birmingham Streets and Sanitation discovered Carter lying face down and naked, with the exception of a pair of socks.

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A tip regarding Carter’s possible kidnapping was received by the police four days later at the 800 Third Ave. West Shell service station. Detectives should review the store’s security footage, according to the informant.

Carter showed up at the Shell station that Thursday at 4:17 a.m., according to Finke. In a Chevrolet Malibu, Gildersleeve and Spellman arrived at the store’s parking lot three minutes after that.

Gildersleeve rushed up to Carter’s side as Spellman gestured to the clerk in the store.

Carter was dragged out of the business by Gildersleeve, who held a gun to his head, at 4:22 a.m. With them, Spellman departed. Following this, Carter was threatened with a gun and coerced into getting into the vehicle. The two men hopped into the car and sped off.

According to Finke, the subject(s) went back to the store’s parking lot around 4:32 in the morning. Gildersleeve entered the store and started chatting with customers at the gas station.

Multiple vehicles were spotted in the parking lot, according to him. Carter climbed out of the suspects’ car and hopped into a white SUV around 4:36 a.m., requesting assistance from a stranger.

Once out of the vehicle, Spellman positioned himself between the Malibu and the SUV. Carter was then removed from the SUV by Gildersleeve. Carter vowed to fight back.

After getting out of the automobile once more, Carter dashed into the store. Finke stated that Gildersleeve pursued her inside. Then there was Spellman.

“The victim was beaten on the ground in the doorway of the store, and Gildersleeve picks the victim up from the ground at gunpoint and forces her back into the car,’’ he said.

The whole thing at the shop took no more than half an hour. According to Finke, Spellman let Gildersleeve “throw her in” by unlocking the car’s rear door.

A second video, according to Finke, was seized from a property across from the one where Carter’s body was discovered.

That video showed a dark-colored sedan driving down the dead-end street seven minutes after Gildersleeve drove off from the gas station.

A few minutes later, Finke said, that vehicle left the dead-end street. No other vehicles were seen driving down that street until the worker found Carter’s body.

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The abduction was reported to 911 by one eyewitness, according to Finke. Authorities said police responded to the gas station but did not find anything at that time.

That 911 caller provided a tag number, and a similar tag number later hit on a Flock camera near Fairfield.

Once police identified the owner of that vehicle, they realized “he looked just like the person in the (store) video,” Finke said. The vehicle, he said, was registered to Gildersleeve.

Investigators then set up surveillance at an apartment building on Third Avenue Southwest, the address Gildersleeve used for his car registration.

The department’s Crime Reduction Team staked out the apartment and saw Gildersleeve leave and go into another apartment below his unit.

On Jan. 31, when Gildersleeve left and headed toward his vehicle, police swarmed the scene and took him into custody.

Police obtained search warrants for both apartments. The woman that lived in the second apartment told them that Gildersleeve brought two guns, asking her to hide them.

One of them was a .380. Finke said ballistics testing showed the bullet recovered from Carter’s head “matched perfectly” with that weapon.

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Spellman was taken into custody on Feb. 1 while he was riding a bicycle near 9th Avenue West and 1st Street West.

Finke said Spellman waived his Miranda Rights and admitted he was the person in the store video, but denied knowing anything about Carter’s slaying. Finke said Gildersleeve also denied being responsible for her death.

Both remain held without bond in the Jefferson County Jail. A trial date has not been set.

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