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Two Flight Attendants File Lawsuit Against NFL Kicker Brandon McManus Claiming Molestation on Team Flight from Florida

Two Flight Attendants File Lawsuit Against NFL Kicker Brandon McManus Claiming Molestation on Team Flight from Florida

Two women have filed lawsuits against NFL kicker Brandon McManus and the Jacksonville Jaguars, alleging that McManus sexually assaulted them during a team flight to London in the past year.

During a team-chartered flight from Florida to England on Sept. 28, the women, who were flight attendants for Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, claim that McManus engaged in inappropriate behavior by rubbing himself on them and attempting to kiss one of them.

At the time, McManus was a kicker for the Jaguars. He has joined the Washington Commanders.

A civil suit has been filed in Duval County, Florida, with the aim of seeking damages exceeding $1 million. An attorney representing McManus vehemently denied the allegations, stating that they are completely untrue. The attorney expressed determination to prove the true nature of these claims, which he believes to be an act of extortion.

The Jaguars have acknowledged the allegations and are currently conducting an investigation. According to a statement from the team, they strongly emphasize the importance of building an organization with individuals who truly embody the values of our community and approach the game with utmost integrity and sportsmanship.

According to the complaint, McManus and several of his teammates had a lively time on the flight to London. According to reports, McManus allegedly convinced three former Atlas Air flight attendants to participate in the event, where he allegedly encouraged them to engage in inappropriate behavior by offering them $100 bills.

The plaintiffs, referred to as Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II, stated that they did not participate in the event.

According to the filing, McManus allegedly focused on Jane Doe I multiple times, possibly due to her reluctance to participate.

According to the lawsuit, he singled her out while she was securely fastened in her jump seat following the pilot’s announcement that seat belts were necessary due to turbulence. The complaint alleges that she was uneasy with McManus’ presence and claims that he attempted to kiss Jane Doe I.

According to the complaint, she raised her hand and firmly requested him to leave, to which he eventually agreed.

According to the lawsuit, the incident reportedly occurred while she was in the midst of serving the meal to fellow passengers.

She became still and locked eyes with another player from the Jaguars, who appeared to be embarrassed by his teammate’s actions, according to the complaint.

The filing describes both incidents as unprovoked, unwanted, and reprehensible.

The lawsuit alleges that McManus similarly treated another woman while serving the second meal during the flight.

According to the suit, the woman was unable to move due to her position in the galley aisle, where she was carrying a tray with full service.

The woman confronted McManus, who responded with a smirk and walked away, leaving her feeling humiliated and embarrassed.

The alleged behavior of McManus has caused significant distress and disruption in the lives of the women involved. They now experience anxiety and suspicion when interacting with male clients at work. Both women were unexpectedly taken off the “core crew” that operates Jaguar flights, which they had worked diligently to become a part of, as stated in the lawsuit.

According to the filing, it was their inaugural and final flight with the Jaguars.

The lawsuit claims that McManus committed assault and sexual assault, and accuses the Jaguars of causing emotional distress, negligence, and gross negligence. It alleges that the team failed to enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding inappropriate behavior and did not provide a safe environment for staff members.

The women are requesting a jury trial.

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