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Truck Driver Fatally Struck Mom With Baby in Miami; Truck Driver Says Unable To See Pedestrians

Truck Driver Fatally Struck Mom With Baby in Miami; Truck Driver Says Unable To See Pedestrians

Miami, FL: Tragedy struck in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood when a mother pushing her baby in a stroller was fatally struck by a dump truck on Biscayne Boulevard. The incident occurred early Wednesday afternoon, leaving the community in shock.

A baby boy was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital. The crash occurred shortly before 1 p.m. at the intersection of Northeast 22nd Street.

Miami police have reported that a woman, identified as Jaklin Sabag, aged 33, was trapped under the truck.

According to a spokesperson from the Miami Police Department, the baby was reported to be “alert and crying” following the crash.

Police report states that the woman, the baby, and another pedestrian crossed in front of stopped traffic, outside of the designated crosswalk. According to the police, the truck driver failed to notice the pedestrians in front of him and accidentally ran over one of them, narrowly avoiding the stroller.

Another person quickly picked up the 6-month-old from the stroller.

A section of Biscayne Boulevard was temporarily closed while authorities conducted an investigation into the crash. It was reopened in the late afternoon on Wednesday.

According to the police, it seems unlikely that the truck driver will face charges. According to reports, the surveillance footage supports his version of the accident.

Authorities have identified a particularly hazardous area for pedestrians in Edgewater – Biscayne Boulevard. Authorities have announced an increase in enforcement measures aimed at addressing non-compliant drivers and pedestrians.

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