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Transit Train Fatally Struck a Man in New Jersey

Transit Train Fatally Struck a Man in New Jersey

South Orange, NJ: A train in New Jersey fatally hit a man. The man was standing on the tracks when the train struck him. The man succumbed to his injuries. The accident happened in South Orange (a city in NJ).

The New Jersey Transit Train was headed to New York when the accident happened. The train was in the South Orange at 4th Street. The incident happened at around 9:30 pm.

The train was not carrying any passengers on board and was being moved eastbound on the Morris and Essex Line. The accident happened west of South Orange Station.

Train service on the Morris & Essex Line and Gladstone Branch between Newark Broad Street and Millburn was briefly halted but has since resumed slowly.

Several law enforcement agencies promptly reached the train station on Sloan Street after the reports of the accident. The South Essex Ambulance, South Orange Police, South Orange Rescue Squad, and NJ Transit Police arrived at the station. The train that hit the male is currently stopped on the tracks in the area where trains bound for New York normally board, while the NNJ Transit Police investigate the incident.

A train going toward Summit arrived to pick up passengers waiting to go in that direction. The passengers then heard a loud blast from another train that might have been approaching the station at 9:25 pm. This train hit the pedestrian.

Crew members have not reported any injuries to the authorities. The officials have launched a probe into the matter.

The identity of the deceased male has not been disclosed by the police yet. It is not confirmed what actions will be taken on the train driver.

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