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Things To Do If You Plan to Celebrate Christmas in New York City

Things To Do If You Plan to Celebrate Christmas in New York City

Travelers from all over the world love visiting NYC. There are so many things to do that one would never run out of things to do. While there’s always something to do, there’s something particularly charming about visiting over the holidays.

NYC wrapped in holiday spirits catches tourists from all over the world. The festive vibe is at its peak during Christmas and the New Year. So, if you are planning to spend Christmas in NYC, then make a checklist and immerse yourself in the Big Apple.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

You cannot miss the star of NYC Christmas celebrations. The giant and captivating Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center is a must-visit for every tourist. New Yorkers and tourists all swarm like bees to this tree to give their eyes a Christmas treat.

Window Displays

Department stores in New York City boast some of the world’s most imaginative and stylish window displays. However, they transform into ultra-magnificent displays throughout the holiday season. Each year, designers display spectacular winter wonderlands behind glass that draw people from the streets turning them into potential shoppers.

Two must-see locations are Sax Fifth Avenue and Macy’s on Herald Square. The highlight of the show, however, is Lord and Taylor on Fifth Avenue, where crowds wait in line for blocks to see the magnificent animated works. Go late at night to beat the crowds.

Ice Skating

Another star from the Rockefeller Center is the ice skating rink. Sunken below street level, the world-famous rink is encircled by white lights, international flags, a magnificent fountain featuring the Greek god Prometheus, and the iconic Christmas tree.

Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center

Everyone gathers on the ice for some winter fun, young and old, skilled and inexperienced, and decked up in a brightly colored scarf, hat, and mitten combinations.

Bryant Park Christmas Market

This beloved park in traditional French architecture is converted into a bustling festive wonderland once a year. at 120 little stores create a European-style Christmas market at the park’s edge.

Bryant Park Christmas Market

Vendors set up handmade booths where they sell distinctive gifts from all around the world. Among the items available are jewelry, handcrafted items, gloves and winter hats, cards, photos, ornaments, and gourmet cuisine. A free-to-enter ice skating rink sits in the middle of everything.

In addition, the park boasts a French carousel, a dazzlingly lit Christmas tree, and an ideal location for a quick snack and a warm-weather break.

Say Yes to NYC Christmas

The Big Apple can be a chilly and fabulous wonderland if you plan your holidays right. Chilly weather, roasted chestnut vendors, decked city sidewalks, and frantic shoppers with bags in hand can amp up your festive spirits in New York City. So pack your bags and head to NYC and enjoy the Christmas.

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