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These Are The Top 5 Restaurants in Portland That Serves Awesome Food

These Are The Top 5 Restaurants in Portland That Serves Awesome Food

With all of its rivers, urban farms, and skilled chefs, Portland is a city that lives and breathes food.
For a city of its size, Portland’s restaurant scene is surprisingly diverse. It includes both traditional and unique dishes from hundreds of countries and areas around the world. This article will introduce you to the best food havens in the city. Scroll down to find the best.


This cute little café has everything: homemade bread and jam, farm-fresh food made into salads, scones, and pastas; cute pottery plates; mini-mart shelves that are worth looking through; and, of course, good spinning music.

These places honor breakfast until 3 p.m., which shows they know it’s important. Keep an eye out for breakfast sandwiches made with tangy Cantal cheese and pickle mayo on a house olive oil roll. You can also get the simple but satisfying fluffy scrambled eggs tucked around pickled red onions, black beans, and crispy potatoes. Everything from lattice pies to streusel custard buns in the dessert case will make your day better.

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Wontons filled with crab meat and cream cheese, curried corn cream, crispy maitakes, and Thai chili slaw are the ingredients that go into the Ore Dungeness Crab Rangoon. In my opinion, this was one of the best dishes! By combining the fresh crab flesh and cream cheese with the spiciness that came from the curried corn cream, the dish was well balanced.

Everything in this place speaks to my very being. It is not just the cuisine, which is very amazing, but also the aesthetic, which is a combination of rough and glamorous, and not just one but two turntables. In the mix comes what is possibly the best cheeseburger in the city as well as the wildest nachos in the city, and James Beard’s famous onion and butter sandwich, which is an excellent example of how to express oneself.

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Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty

In addition to being one of the most inventive pizza restaurants in Portland, Lovely’s is also one of the greatest pizza restaurants in the city. The restaurant’s toppings include flowers that have been foraged. Like many other restaurants in Portland, it takes great pride in the fact that it uses locally sourced products in the preparation of its pizza and not-to-be-missed ice cream.

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Tusk is a restaurant that serves cuisine from the Mediterranean and Middle East that is both visually appealing and full of life. The restaurant is also a place that is both playful and artistically pleasant. Because there are so many mouthwatering foods, it can be difficult to choose what to order, which is why there is an option to “try everything on the menu”! It is imperative that you do not overlook the vegetables, and you should make it a point to sample at least one product from the inventive drink menu.

Hat Yai

After making delicious Thai food in Portland at Langbaan and Paadee, Akkapong Earl Ninsom did it again: he opened a relaxed southern Thai restaurant on Northeast Killingsworth that has a lot of loyal fans. Hat Yai’s crispy and salty shallot-fried chicken goes great with Malayu-style curry and crispy roti, which are all in the famous combo No. 1.

The restaurant’s kua gling ground pork is very spicy and full of aromatics and alliums. The dtom som shrimp mixes seafood with meaty oyster mushrooms in a broth that is pleasantly sour from the tamarind and ginger.

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Portland may not be Oregon’s capital, but it has earned the distinction of being the food capital of the state. The city is filled with diners, restaurants, and bars that draw every foodie in. People in the city like to work together, and they’re willing to do fun and new things with other farmers, producers, and even rivals.

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