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These Are The Most Mispronounced Places in California; Check If You Pronounce Them Right

These Are The Most Mispronounced Places in California; Check If You Pronounce Them Right

The Golden State is a cultural hotspot. Do you agree? In the last 200 years, California has been a part of three different territories. (We will not go deep in that) Additionally, Native Americans have lived in California for thousands of years, which has led to a mix of county, city, and place names that originate from many languages.

Here, you will find the top mispronounced places in the state of California. Pronounce them and them if you are right, and if not, then smile and correct it.


Native American in origin, it serves as both the name of a county and the Tuolumne River. The “n” in Tuolumne is silent and pronounced as too-aw-luh-mee, despite the temptation to pronounce it that way.


The family who owned the ranch that eventually became Camarillo gave the city its name. Since Camarillo is a Spanish name, you would need to roll the “r” to pronounce it correctly. If you can’t, simply pronounce the two l’s as a y, as in kah-ma-ree-yo.

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Another city where the Spanish language has retained the double-L. There are two ways to pronounce Vallejo: va-yeh-ho and vah-lay-ho, with the second syllable sounding like “leg.”

La Jolla

The city in the San Diego region is Spanish likewise. Law-hoy-a is the pronunciation of the city’s name, while some people pronounce the English letter “j” as in “joy.”

Suisun City

Although it may be tempting to pronounce it swee-sun, the true pronunciation is suh-soon. This is very different from the way its written.

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This National Park’s name, a Native American word, has several versions and a highly distinct and enigmatic origin.

While some people may pronounce the name incorrectly as yoh-se-might (three syllables), the actual pronunciation is yoh-seh-mih-tee (four syllables). Some people may even pronounce the first syllable as “you.”


While the Spanish pronunciation, tooh-la-reh, is considered more “correct,” the typical English pronunciation is too-lair-ee.


Pronounced oh-hai, as in greeting as soon as you see someone (oh, hi! ), the little Ventura County city is well-known for its hotels and landscape.


On Facebook, a fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival wrote, “Oh Lord, I’m stuck in (lo-dee) again.” Pronounce the name of this city as low-dye!

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These places have their names originating from such mixed-up populations. Those names might be easier to pronounce for them but many others fail to pronounce them rightly. Pronounce those names and see if you got them right or you get your tongue twisted.

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