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These Are The 5 Most Affordable Beach Towns in Oregon

These Are The 5 Most Affordable Beach Towns in Oregon

Oregon has some of the best shorelines in the United States. The beauty of these lines is unparalleled. One may want to stay forever after they see the Sand, Sun, and Ocean together in Oregon.

Oregon’s coastal living provides many people with the opportunity to realize their desire to own a home on the beach, which is a wish that many people have.

Despite this, coastal towns frequently enjoy higher standards of living. To our good fortune, there are a few locations in Oregon that provide reasonably priced housing options along the shore. So watch out for such 5 affordable beach towns in Oregon.


Astoria is a city with about 10,000 people that has roots in the Columbia River. Many beautiful coastal spots in the city draw people in with their natural beauty. At the moment, the average price of a home in Astoria is $498,000.

Astoria is an Oregon town with beautiful views and lots of amenities. It also has affordable housing choices that are good for all budgets. You can also go sightseeing from these oceanfront spots, which let you see the natural beauty of the city.


Bandon is another great beach town in Oregon where you might want to buy a home. Even though only 3,300 people are living there, there are many beaches to choose from, such as Bandon Beach and Bullards Beach. Don’t forget to check out downtown Bandon, the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, and the hike out to the Coquille River Lighthouse.

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Coos Bay

Coos Bay is a great place to live because it is in a great location and has a modest house-to-income ratio. Along with North Beach and other beautiful beaches, the town of Coos Bay has many other great beach spots. About 15,900 people are living in Coos Bay.

In this town, you can visit Cape Arago State Park, one of the museums downtown, and Mingus Park.
Besides having a strong job market, this city is also full of beautiful nature and scenery. There are many interesting historic sites in the city, such as the Egyptian Theater, the Coos Historical and Maritime Museum, and the Oregon Coast Railway.

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Pacific City 

Everything about Pacific City makes you think of the coast, from its name to the way it feels. Pacific City has about 1,200 people living in it, and the typical home price is $580,000.

The great thing about Pacific City is that it has many beaches. If you live in Pacific City, you can go to beaches like Green Acres, McPhillips, and Pacific City. You can enjoy a variety of fun activities on these beaches, which also have a calm atmosphere where you can enjoy the sea breeze.


Florence is a great beach town with about 9,500 people that you might want to rent or buy a house in. North Jetty Beach and South Jetty Beach are two places you can visit. This coastal city has a lot to offer. You can take a walk through the downtown area, go sandboarding, or play golf at one of the courses, among other things.

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Living on the beach is a unique experience, but homes on the beach usually cost a lot. Luckily, these Oregon coastal places that are cheap to live in will let you make your dreams come true and find the house of your dreams!

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