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These Are The 5 Most Affordable Beach Towns in Florida

These Are The 5 Most Affordable Beach Towns in Florida

Sun, Sand, and Ocean! The Sunshine State has its all. Florida is a well-known travel destination that beach lovers all over the world love because of its breathtaking shorelines and plentiful sunshine all year long.

Although some people would think that living by the beach is expensive, many reasonably priced beach communities in Florida provide the ideal combination of sun, sand, and savings. Continue reading to learn about Florida’s five most affordable beach communities where you can live without breaking the bank.


This West Florida favorite will make a fantastic house if you enjoy the concept of having lots of coastal living options and entertaining attractions.

Pensacola, a city in the Florida Panhandle, provides inexpensive waterfront housing to its citizens. In 2023, the median home value in Pensacola is $257,000. The average monthly cost of housing (including rent and mortgages) is $1,232. Pensacola is the most reasonably priced area to live near the beach in Florida since its cost of living is significantly lower than the state average.

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Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, which is in Volusia County, provides the ideal fusion of metropolitan conveniences with scenic beauty. A wide range of people live in and visit the town, including families, college students, and race fans.

With an average property price of $261,281, Daytona Beach offers affordable housing costs, making it a desirable alternative for potential homeowners. The stunning 23-mile shoreline of Daytona Beach is home to immaculate sandy beaches. This charming seaside resort welcomes guests to engage in activities that soak up the sun and ultimate relaxation.

Deerfield Beach

With its bright, sunny weather, Deerfield Beach is a popular destination for families looking to get some sunshine and fun. This lively beach town is well-known for having two theme parks that are suitable for families to enjoy.

The most reasonably priced town in Florida is Deerfield Beach. With an average property price of $277,559, Deerfield Beach provides prospective buyers with a variety of housing options. The Tree Zoo is a fascinating attraction located in Deerfield Beach.

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Vero Beach

Located in Indian River County, Vero Beach offers a tranquil coastal environment, a variety of recreational options, and stunning natural surroundings. With an average property price of $369,640, Vero Beach offers a range of housing alternatives for prospective residents.

Living in Vero Beach allows you to experience many of the aspects of life that are typically reserved for tourists. You may enjoy the sun, dining options, lively nightlife, and a lot of romantic locations. Vero Beach might become the next big thing for developers, so be sure to seize your real estate opportunity while you can.

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Another of Florida’s most reasonably priced beach communities is Clearwater. It has a rather distinct reputation as well.
You may acquire a home in this sophisticated yet peculiar resort town for a mere $370,000, which is the median housing price. Because of its closeness to the Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area, Clearwater’s people have easy access to a variety of services, cultural events, and job possibilities.


It is possible to live the Florida life and that too on a budget. These towns provide affordable housing. The state is a hotspot for visitors but the locals are fans of this state as well. They enjoy their quaint life by the sea. So, live in these beachside towns and enjoy the sun in the Sunshine State.

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