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These Are The 5 Most Affordable Beach Towns in California

These Are The 5 Most Affordable Beach Towns in California

Sun, Sand, and Ocean! Any surfer you encounter will tell you that California possesses an unbeatable enchantment. This is particularly true when discussing what the Golden State has to offer in terms of beach life. Because of their excellent quality, beaches in California are popular tourist destinations, but they may be rather pricey. Affordable options are still available, though. Continue reading to learn about California’s ten most affordable beach communities.

Crescent City

Crescent City, one of the most affordable areas in Northern California to reside in, has something for everyone. This is a popular town that is home to California’s two northernmost lighthouse posts.

This reasonably priced beach city in California had to start over after a devastating tsunami in 1964 devastated much of the city. In addition to being a family-friendly beach town, Ocean World is a privately operated aquarium that keeps rays, seals, and sharks that provide ample entertaining opportunities.

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Eureka is another one of the most reasonably priced beach communities in California. Situated in Northern California, to the south of Arcata, is this charming seaside town known as Cali. Clean beaches, Victorian-style mansions, and a lot of small-town charm are what make Eureka famous.

There are verdant forests in the reasonably priced coastal town. Locals love Sequoia Park Forest and Garden, which has 67 acres of hiking and bike trails, a vibrant display of flowers, and charming gazebos that complement the water features.


This small town in Northern California is widely renowned for its low cost of living. If you’re looking for a nice place to live in Northern California, with access to Humboldt Beach and Mad River Beach then consider Arcata as a great choice. It features lovely scenery, well-functioning educational systems, and a welcoming populace.

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Arcata offers reasonable rental and ownership prices, which will make you delighted if you decide to make it your home. In Arcata, the average cost of a house was $408,500 in 2022. For young professionals seeking a less expensive suburban-city lifestyle, this makes it an excellent choice.


Ventura is among the most affordable beach cities in California. You won’t regret moving to Ventura, according to every California real estate agent you speak with. Young professionals, young families, and those who simply want to live it up are all rapidly taking a shine to this coastal town.

Ventura is the most reasonably priced beach town in the region due to its low real estate costs. The current median price of a property is $485,000. That isn’t too bad. The rhythm of the beach and the life perfectly clicks for many residents.


People are drawn to Oxnard by its relaxed way of life and pleasant weather throughout the year, which eventually convinces them to relocate. The seaside city is one of the most reasonably priced areas to reside in the state and offers countless options for employment and leisure. The annual California Strawberry Festival, one of the best cuisine events in the country, draws thousands of tourists to Oxnard, a city with stunning beaches and a protected historic downtown.

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If all you want out of life is sun, sand, and surf, the Golden State has it all—it has all you need to live a dreamy coastal lifestyle. Living in a stunning and reasonably priced beach town is not unattainable, even though California is regarded as having the most costly and desired towns in the nation.

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