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Text Message Revealed Two Teachers Plan to Kill Students; Parents Distraught after Screenshots went Viral in Mississippi

Text Message Revealed Two Teachers Plan to Kill Students; Parents Distraught after Screenshots went Viral in Mississippi

An investigation has been initiated due to conversations between two teachers at a Mississippi school district, where they discussed the disturbing topic of causing harm to others.

Images revealed a collection of text messages shared between two educators at Okolona Middle School in Okolona, Mississippi. The messages covered various subjects, including children’s clothing, the financial challenges faced by parents, and the personal relationships of another staff member.

Reports of a student capturing images of a teacher’s computer screen have been brought to the attention of school officials, as concerned students and families have come forward to share their messages. Photographs of the purported conversations depicted a conversation between two individuals regarding the attire of students and their financial situations.

A screenshot captured their conversation about manipulating a school vote to ensure a specific student’s defeat in the competition. A screenshot displayed a disturbing conversation discussing harm to individuals.

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Reports have surfaced claiming that a conversation between the two teachers revolves around the concerning topic of “harming individuals.”

A disturbing message states, “I need it to flood out these roads so we can stay home tomorrow. I’m about ready to kill some folks.”

“Just kill em. I’ll help you hide the body. We will go to jail together,” the reply said.

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Okolona Superintendent Paul Moton emphasized the importance of maintaining confidentiality when it comes to personnel matters, stating that such discussions are not made public. Nevertheless, he stated his conviction that the conduct of those teachers is inconsistent with the broader culture of the school district.

Okolona remains a standout school district in Chickasaw County and is dedicated to being one of the best in North Mississippi. “Our commitment to achieving an A-rated district remains unwavering, and this incident, although isolated, will not discourage us,” Moton stated to MississippiFreePress.

An investigation is currently underway into the incident, according to the superintendent. There is speculation that an important announcement will be made next week.

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