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Texas Weekend Weather Update: Feb. Would Bring Rain Showers and Gusty Winds

Texas Weekend Weather Update: Feb. Would Bring Rain Showers and Gusty Winds

Dallas, TX: Get ready for a wet and stormy start to February as rain showers and heavy storms are on the horizon for our region. A strong weather system is sweeping across the Southwest on Thursday, bringing widespread rain and mountain snow.

It is expected to advance into Texas by late Friday. Friday will begin with areas of fog and low clouds. Increased humidity levels are being brought in from the gulf due to our approaching system. The increased humidity is just one of the numerous factors contributing to the potential for late-day storms in our region.

There is a possibility of a stray shower or storm during the afternoon on Friday, but it is unlikely to be severe before 5 pm. As the evening approaches, more powerful forces are set to arrive in our area, thanks to the system’s Pacific cold front and Texas dry line located just to the west.

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Expect the formation of storms to commence after 5 pm in the western regions, gradually progressing towards the east throughout the evening and into Friday night. There is a potential for the development of supercell storms that could produce large hail and strong gusts due to the combination of instability and wind shear.

During this time of year, it is common for most thunderstorms, even if they are not strong, to produce small hail due to the colder air aloft. Nevertheless, the more intense storms featuring potential rotating updrafts (supercell) will facilitate the formation of hail ranging from 1″ (quarter) to potentially 1.75″ (golf ball size).

This is why we ended up in the “slight” severe storm risk category. It’s important to consider protecting your vehicles or any outdoor belongings, particularly if we experience hail larger than 1″ in diameter, or even as big as golf balls.

There is a slight possibility of a tornado occurring along the I-37 corridor from San Antonio to Corpus Christi, as well as in our eastern zone counties. However, the main concerns in this situation are hail and strong winds.

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