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Texas Teen Killed Mother and Took Body to Nebraska in Car; Plea Deal Reached after Brutal Killing that Left Father and Husband Devastated

Texas Teen Killed Mother and Took Body to Nebraska in Car; Plea Deal Reached after Brutal Killing that Left Father and Husband Devastated

A Texas teenager has reached a plea deal after a tragic incident where he took the life of his mother and transported her body to Nebraska in the trunk of their family car, according to authorities.

A 17-year-old named Tyler Roenz has pleaded guilty to murder in connection with the death of his 49-year-old mother, Michelle Roenz. The announcement was made by Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg in a press release on June 28.

Tyler, who is now 19 years old, has been given a 40-year prison sentence. He will have to serve at least half of his sentence before he can be considered for parole, as stated by Ogg.

Authorities reported that on October 13, 2022, a tragic incident occurred at Tyler’s home resulting in the loss of his mother’s life. Afterward, he concealed her body in the trunk of the family’s black Mazda and headed north. After Tyler left, a concerned relative arrived at the house and contacted the local authorities. They had suspicions of foul play and were worried about the whereabouts of the mother and son.

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According to court documents, a family member, who happened to be Tyler’s father, grew worried when they discovered blood and a human tooth in the garage of their home in Humble, Texas. According to the documents, his father discovered four more human teeth in a pool of blood in the master bedroom, after following a trail of blood.

Authorities have reported that Tyler and Michelle have been declared missing. They have discovered charges on Michelle’s credit card in Oklahoma and Kansas, according to ABC-13.

As per the report, authorities successfully located Tyler as he traveled through Oklahoma and Kansas with the help of license plate readers. Shortly after the homicide, he was apprehended in Nebraska by a vigilant state highway patrol trooper who noticed the vehicle.

Authorities have reported that Michelle’s body was discovered in the trunk of the car. The cause of death, as determined by a medical examiner in Nebraska, was blunt-force trauma to the head and strangulation, according to the release.

Authorities have not disclosed a motive for the killing.

Based on her obituary, Michelle had a passion for taking care of animals, had a keen interest in photography, and had accomplished multiple half marathons. The obituary mentions that she was married to her husband for 23 years and had a daughter with him, as well as a son named Tyler.

Tyler has admitted to tampering with evidence and has been sentenced to 20 years, according to the release. As part of the plea agreement, two other felonies were dismissed and the sentences will run concurrently.

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