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Texas School Teacher and Headmaster Charged for Concealing Brutal Sexual Abuse of a Student in School: Authorities

Texas School Teacher and Headmaster Charged for Concealing Brutal Sexual Abuse of a Student in School: Authorities

An Abilene school teacher and a headmaster are facing accusations of not reporting allegations regarding a teacher’s aide who is currently facing federal child pornography charges. It is alleged that the aide may have engaged in inappropriate touching with a young student.

Two employees of St. John’s Epispocal School, Kelsey Alexander and Rebeca McMillon, are facing warrants for misdemeanor Failure to Make Request Child Abuse Report. These warrants are connected to allegations against Mark Eichorn, a preschool teacher’s aide at the school who has been under investigation for child pornography for the past few months.

As part of the investigation, the police aimed to establish whether there were any children at the school who Eichorn had access to and who could potentially be victims, as stated in court documents.

A family from the school recently came forward with a concerning claim involving Eichorn and their son.

According to the documents, the mother contacted Alexander, her son’s teacher, who then informed the school’s director, McMillon, about the allegations.

According to the documents, McMillon reached out to the parents once she learned about the allegations. She assured them that she had conducted her own investigation, which included reviewing surveillance footage and speaking with Eichorn. After careful consideration, she concluded that the inappropriate touching was accidental. Eichorn had been assisting the child with his belt so he could use the restroom.

McMillon reassured the child’s parents that nothing concerning had occurred and shared that the surveillance video captured the child happily skipping back to join a game after the incident in question.

Surprisingly, Alexander and McMillon failed to inform the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services or any law enforcement agency about the matter, according to the documents.

The documents claim that McMillion did not deny her failure to report, but she stated that she conducted her own investigation.

Both Alexander and McMillon have a legal obligation to promptly inform the appropriate authorities about any allegations of abuse within 48 hours of their disclosure.

Alexander and McMillon were taken into custody and later released from jail upon posting bonds amounting to $8,000 as reported by Big Country Homepage News.

The authorities did not reveal any additional information at the moment.

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