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Texas Mother file Lawsuit Against School District after Son was Bullied by Teammates using Peanuts as he was Allergic to them, Could’ve Died if Medication was not Administered

Texas Mother file Lawsuit Against School District after Son was Bullied by Teammates using Peanuts as he was Allergic to them, Could’ve Died if Medication was not Administered

Austin, TX: A high school football player was bullied by his teammates as he was the youngest player in the team. The teammates used peanuts as the star player was allergic to peanuts.

They loaded his locker full of peanuts. This caused a severe allergic reaction that could have claimed his life if he had not administered medication to save his life.

Following the incident, the mother of the victim tried to get the school to take some disciplinary actions but the school said the incident did not count as bullying.

Now the mother has filed a lawsuit against the school district after the constant harassment the son was facing after the incident. The victim is Carter Mannon and his mother is Shawna Mannon.

According to Shawna Mannon, her son Carter was harassed relentlessly after an incident in October 2023 and the Austin-based Lake Travis Independent School District did nothing to stop it.

Carter was mentioned in the widespread media coverage that ensued after the crazed attack, but he was not named in the civil action lawsuit.

The sophomore offensive lineman from Lake Travis High School made history as the team’s youngest player at sixteen.

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The complaint claims that two teammates took advantage of Carter’s severe allergies the day after he found out about them, suggesting that his age made him an easy target.

On October 5, Carter told his friends about his condition when they suggested going to a Texas Roadhouse, a place he said he couldn’t go to because they used peanuts in many of their dishes.

Two students, identified in the lawsuit as “Student G and Student B,” cast doubt on the seriousness of Carter’s handicap and sought to determine whether the presence of peanuts in his locker, uniform, or on him could cause him to die.

“Carter honestly admitted that any of these things could really kill him and even showed his teammates the EpiPen he keeps on hand just in case,” the 30-page report reads.

According to the lawsuit, the two high schoolers were so enthralled by the news that they immediately began their plot.

The lawsuit asserts that students G and B “unlawfully” went back to their high school and, while filming the evil deed, spilled a can of peanuts into Carter’s locker, covering his clothing and football cleats.

Student G allegedly started throwing nuts at Carter the following day when they arrived at the school for an away game, but Carter luckily dodged them. At the same time that Carter heard his name, he saw Student B smiling while showing others an unknown video on his phone.

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A peanut allergy was set off when he discovered his cleats and uniform covered with peanuts, according to the lawsuit. Although the teen narrowly avoided anaphylactic shock, he endured “hives on his arm for several days” after hurriedly washing his hands in the restroom.

Despite the district’s initial decision that the incident did not constitute bullying, the players were nonetheless punished for two football games.

The absence of disciplinary action apparently emboldened Student G, who Mannon’s attorneys claim was not disciplined due to his team star status, and he persisted in tormenting Carter for weeks thereafter, claiming he was untouchable as per The Post.

Last month, Carter chose to move to another school district in order to “escape the harassment” after “enduring six months of assault, harassment, and bullying,” according to the lawsuit. She had been receiving no support from the school administration.

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